Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Healthy Compromise

Bean on the beach!  Honest to goodness, what a little time
with a three year old and a simple potting bucket will do for one's spirit!

What fun to see such joy in the rearview mirror...

...and then sleeping joy!

I have an idea:  let's sell hundreds of bricks to people and then let them choose their exact wording and location on a ginormous map, but only after you've deciphered their handwriting!?!?  Thankfully, the project was a success, our church debt is in the process of being retired, and the brick inscriptions were actually loving tributes to family members and Bible verses.  Whew!  Lots of hours for this one!

Hooray!  I was JUST looking for an 
inflatable moose head of my very own!
(You can get one of your very own at Target.)

Brenda time on the Beach
(still working...but at least I'm a bit more unplugged!)

Colorado Springs is no longer on fire, thank goodness.

Bursting with color and beauty.

Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel

Yeah!  Boxes!

And more boxes!

Hmm...long enough to braid.
Time for a cut.

The skies above Bethany reminded all of us of the 
hope of the Resurrection on the day of Mary Alice's funeral. 

My musical pew-mate at church.
What a sweet woman she was.

Bishops and Bananas.  
Our church is amusing.

Still working...but at least it's outdoors.
A healthy compromise, me thinks.

Just go and schedule the haircut.

Book from Brad, signed by one of the survivors.
One of my favorite, albeit lighter, reads this summer.
Such HOPE found in those pages!

We lit candles in honor of the 12 victims of the 
horrific shooting at the movie theater in Aurora, CO.

Alex on Bells, Brenda on Piano (Cohen's Hallelujah

We also chimed bells as each of the 12 names were read.  
It felt like an intimate memorial service....for 12 people we never knew.  :(

Part of our service was outdoors,
and included the releasing of 12 doves.

After days of not quite knowing what to do and feeling helpless,
it felt good to come together as a community in worship and prayer.

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