Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wooden Shoes and Colorful Views

We lost Grandpa Gus (Gustave Schnicke), Grandma Dot's dear companion, in late July 2012.  As timing would have it, I was actually able to make the drive to Sheboygan, WI to be a part of the family gatherings.  While not under the cheeriest of circumstances, it was good to be a granddaughter again.

Yeah!  Wait...that's AM.  Boo.

One of the perks (what?!) of early morning travel is the 
chance to see the world come alive in splendid color.

Nothing says "Welcome to Iowa" like a giant metallic finger spike. 
 Or cactus.  Or Transformer.  Or whatever the heck that's supposed to be.
 (Corn stalk, apparently.  Sure.  Whatever.)

Passed a million of these AND the trucks that carry the un-assembled ones.
THOSE are certainly trucks you do NOT pass on the highway - HUGE!

Good to know.
I wasn't hungry anyways.

Well, hey!  Look at that!  I'm on my way, Dot!
 John Nolan Drive!  Well, ALMOST spelled correctly.

Now, I realize the temperature says 104º, 
but in the middle of IOWA, 104º is actually 504º.  
After opening the oven.  In a sauna.  In the desert. BLECH.

Hey!  The Cheese Truck!
I must be close!
Hmm.  Even the road signs are trying to send me a message:
STOP BG and eat for a moment!

God Bless the Nolan Family and Subway gift cards.
Eating is good.  Necessary and good.

For the love of Pete, Sheboygan is FINALLY on the sign.  So soon!?!?!?

Well, AMEN.  After 1100 miles in one day, 
it's about time I see a cute little country church.

Ah, there's my Dot.

What goes up...must come down.  
Goodnight, Wisconsin.

Consumed FAR too many of these cheese curds during my visit.

Only in Wisconsin would you have to pass a million 
Piggly Wiggly stores on your way to the funeral reception.
Shop the Pig.

Food, Family and Fellowship after the Funeral.

Ella!!  We've been praying for this little one's health for YEARS!
Thrilled to report she's a blessedly happy and healthy 3 year old!

Yeah.  Klemme's Wagon Wheel.
Clearly Packer Fever is still going strong.
(That helmet was up there the LAST time I was here in 1996!)

These little ones, Paige, Ella and Grace have come to call Dot
Grandma Dorothy over the years!  The family just grew again!

Here's a good indication of what I'll look like in 25 and 50 years!
Mom (59), Dot (83), Brenda (33)

What would a summer trip to WI be without a stop at Holland Fest.

Oliebollen for everyone!  Mmm.  Being Dutch is yummy.

Hmm.  I love bacon and all, but...

Wooden shoe man!  Carving and personalizing!

My name!

The SMALLEST shoe I've ever owned!

Cool potato peeler.

Children were dressed up and ready to help 
clean up the streets in preparation for the parade.


Sitting on the curb for HOURS  and HOUR (okay, maybe one) waiting for that blasted parade to actually begin!  AND, apparently the oliebollen didn't taste 'right', so my goodness, Cedar Grove, let's get this in gear!

The Klommpen Dancers, wooden shoes and all!

Happy new 31 Bag

So, apparently the folks at Applebee's in the Sheboygan 
like to keep the air conditioning on ARCTIC FULL BLAST
I'm beginning to feel my third toe once again.

Dad WOULD have taken a blanket, but we ran out.  ;)

Quick trip to Bookworm Gardens (click to check it out)
an enchanting place where children's stories come to life in botanic beauty.

SUPER COOL kaleidoscope where the flowers provide the beauty.
I could have snapped photos all day!  Here are the first million:

COOL, right!?!? Just beautiful.

I took this picture for Brad.  Except it's missing the R.
Which makes him Bad.  Enough said.

There, there.  This is a bit kinder.

How many photos do I have of me sitting on cows in WI!?

Or me with giant slices of cheese!?!


Ok.  One more. 

The baptismal font at Hope Reformed Church.

I sang during the 9am Service.  Love being on that bench.

If only we could have shared in Holy Communion.  :(

Jamie and fam!  Luke with Greyson, Jamie with Ava!

Some time at the lake front!

South pier - not my usual vantage point, but just as lovely.

 Happy Brenda Lynn.

Only in Sheboygan would a silent auction include a toilet seat.

How's about some quiet water time before the graveside service?
Why yes.  I think I shall.


Great Grandma and Grandpa Slabbekoorn's Home!

Laying Gus to rest in Sheboygan Falls.

A peaceful setting, near a quiet country church, 
in between two corn fields.

Where else would we have eaten but the Log Cabin?

Grocery Shopping with Dot was a hoot - at Aldi's, they have you put in a quarter to release the cart...and then you get your quarter back if you're a good little shopper and return your cart to the right place.  George and I were reunited, thank you very much.

Mmmmm...Lake Michigan.

Yeah!  Wait...that's AM.  Boo.

Good morning, Iowa!

Man, and I thought I was tire-d.

Finally some healthy crops!

99 orange traffic cones in my way, 99 orange traffic cones.
Knock one down, just drive around, 98 orange traffic cones in my way.

Do you see what I see?

Holy Moses, my Joy hit the big 50,000 mile mark on this journey!

Yikes. Colorado would like to say hello.
In a big, loud, windy and wet way!


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