Monday, June 13, 2011

Get Me Down!

Here they are: the photos from the
"You have GOT to be kidding me"
High Ropes Course at Rainbow Trail Lutheran Camp.

I COMPLETELY misunderstood what a high-ropes course really was.
I think my sense of adventure outweighed my sense of levelheadedness!

He made it look SOOOOOO easy. He just scampered
right up that first tree and starting walking across the wires.
No problem.

Look! This looks so cool from this angle!
This will be fun, right? RIGHT!?

Dude, seriously. Having way too much fun.

This was Tree #2. Out of like 52 trees. Ok, perhaps only 10 or so trees, but it just kept going and going and going. And got harder and harder and harder. And higher and higher and higher.

And let us not forget that I am BLIND in my right eye. And that's the way you were supposed to move - to the right. BLIND, people. Which made everything all that more exciting.


Do you see Ruth Ann in the other tree!? She was behind me the whole time (mentally, emotionally, physically). The poor woman had to listen to me whimper...and then cross the wire herself. She was amazing, I was a twit.

Half-blind, terrified, frozen in place, 8 million feet off of the ground...and adrenaline levels pushing my blood sugars to frightening new levels. So much fun.

Would you look at that calm and poise!?

No calm. No poise.
Panic. Sheer panic.
Note the gritted teeth and firmly set jaw.

Really, now. She looks downright pleasant! Joyful, almost.
Seemingly at home on those wires!
I could NOT have done this course without her!

See the dangling rope?
See the terrified blonde?

That log was the last part between ME and the zipline that would allow me to get close to the ground again. Ruth Ann went right on past that log, and walked 2 more trees and a rope ladder. That woman was sheer strength.

Looking like a complete moron as I grin with glee - that's actually Corey from church in the red helmet. I would whip my head around ever so briefly during my tree-to-tree high wire act, praying that little red helmet would get closer.

BOOYA! And to think I was terrified of ziplines not 5 years ago (6th grade outdoor ed). Now, the thought of throwing myself off a platform is NOTHING compared to moving across those high wires.

Lisa (who was an absolutely awesome cheerleader and photographer from the ground) caught my first steps on SOLID GROUND. Pretty sure I'm not leaving that ground again, thank you very much.

And DONE! Sheesh!

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