Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Just S'more Poodle Doodles

What on EARTH happens at night around here!!?
You really never will know with a sleep-walking insomniac!

It's Mussorgsky time in 4th grade!

How about one more afterschool meeting!?

Brenda!  Let's play Musical Chairs, she says.
NO!!! You can't sit there!!! The apple is sitting there.

Scrolling through Facebook only to see GRANDMA DOT!  

Did a double-take at the lady in the white sweater!  
Pics from a Spring breakfast at the Pine Haven Retirement Community.

I think these are TOTALLY me, don't you think!?

Yes, you probably did.
Yet another instance of Siri not listening.

"Siri, open Google."  
I said NOTHING about a stinkin' DOG.

Visiting the bro in Colorado Springs.

If only he had a container I could borrow...




Check out the earrings on this first grader!  S'mores!

For the love of Pete!
When will these Disciple video speakers improve!?

Ms. G!  Ms. G!  Try one of these.  YIKES.  
Couldn't handle it 15 years ago and still can't handle it today!

Maddie, did you clean your plate?
Better question:  Maddie, did you clean your plate by 
moving all of your food from one plate to another plate?

Green Flag Celebration at Flagstone,
and Principal Susan came back for the big day!

600+ children wearing green and saving the earth!

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