Monday, May 27, 2013

Stuck in Drive

What a fantastic way to describe the month of May...


Thank you, dear car, for pointing out 
the obvious about my typical speed in life.

Dad came out to CO to ride motorcycles with Brad.
Quick catch-up dinner at California Pizza Kitchen!

LITTLE BEAN!  Miss Madeline is TWO!

Ashley's twins came by to visit the music room, too!

Never too early to start jingling!


Never mess with a Bible-thumping man in a green bowtie.  
And green pants.

Cooking lessons via Face Time...looking good so far!

Just a typical day in the life of Brenda.

Nothing says DEATH like elementary school recorders!

Now THAT is a birthday treat I can get behind!

Awesome hand-made thank you note from a kiddo's grandmother!

Ruth Ann finds great humor in the fact that the word LAUGH is prominently featured in this photo of me, post-afterschool duty.  The rain is NOT my friend when there is traffic involved.

It sure is beautiful, though - check out the droplet!

Siri just doesn't get it.  Nothing new.


Poor kid thought that they had STABBED me when they ran into me with a marker.
Oh my goodness - I'm busy laughing at the ink, and they thought it was blood!  HA!

Mother of SQUIRREL.  Fluffy fiend kept me outside my home for a good 15 minutes.  Bless you, bro, for staying on the phone with your sister as she FREAKED OUT.  Cleaning up the aftermath of the stones and rocks I chucked at this critter in the morning was a real joy. UGH.

Peace and...

...pieces!  Tape for our 'skeleton bones' in our concert.

Clothing and costumes BEFORE.

Clothing and costumes AFTER.  Oy.

It wouldn't be an elementary school concert
if we didn't lost at least ONE tooth!

"Dig It" - an archaeological adventure
 that explored the music of the lands of the past!

There's our Tut!


My little soloist.  SOOOOO proud.  
Mark my words - we need this guy to keep singing!

A bit of DANCE TIME!

My Macy!

Lucy, our Skeleton guide.

Romulus (and Remus) in our Rome Scene.

Why are all the pics of me in concert mode blurry!?

There we go!

The girls after the show!  
Sarah, Stacie, Me, Ruth Ann

And apparently, ONE more visitor - Brad left this 
in my DESK when he drove up for the concert!  
Thanks, Mom and Dad!

What elementary school concert doesn't
have a bunch of traced and colored posters!?

See!  It was worth freaking out all those people in traffic!

Siri, the only thing wrong is YOU!

Nothing wrong with this!

I'd love to.  Whatever meets YOUR needs, Siri.

Who makes a Monday morning more wonderful?  Maddie!

A two-candle night: one candle for the Holy Spirit,
and one candle to remember Stacie's Grandpa Clair.

Come, Holy Spirit.  Come.

My kiddos said my bruise looked like a heart.
Who am I to argue with that!?

Just because you LABEL the egg as hard-boiled,
doesn't necessarily mean that's true. UGH.

I know that my powers of depth perception stink,
but these carpet rolls were practically INSIDE my vehicle!

Amen, amen, amen.

If one has to sit through an Annual Business Meeting, 
one best find the sweetest little man in the room to keep her company!

Me thinks it's time for a haircut.

Maybe when I win all that money in the next Powerball drawing,
I can hire a hair stylist to visit my home.  

See, there's my stylist arriving now.  
(RIGHT outside my home!)

Pentecost is ALWAYS an amazing day.

SEE!?  Amazing.

Taco Time.  This cooking thing isn't half bad!

Dang.  It must be 3:45pm.  The bad weather ALWAYS 
seems to roll IN, just as we're taking the children OUT.

Prayers for those in Oklahoma.

In Celebration of the Children of God

KRAFT, you rock!  not only did you write my 5th grade student back, 
but you sent a check for $5.30 worth of cheese!  BOOYA!

My 6th grade legacy project from Canden.  Sweet lad.

Is it me, or does she look like Snow White in this pic!?

Two years, Liam and Madigan.  Never forgotten.

The YEARBOOK is here!  
Talk about a labor of love!

Look who flew back to my home!
My one-eyed angel, Love and Peace Out

Sorry, Dad.  
You apparently didn't make this second grader's cut!

Continuous joy.

BJ on his way back home to the Springs.  

Night and day.  Finally, a shift into PARK.

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