Saturday, May 18, 2013

May Day

Ribbons + tall lamps + kindergarteners = 
one colorful May Day pole in the music room!

Yeah! It's May!  Wait....snow???

I think my eggs are trying to remind me in whom to trust!

Okay, okay.  That snow is rather beautiful.

HONESTLY.  All I said was, "Siri, find Party City".  
Where she got the rest of that garbage is BEYOND ME.

She can't even give me directions without commentary.  

"Turn your eyes upon Jesus..."

...and upon little ones peeking out from trees!  Addison!

Looking through Life through the Lord's Lens.

Who's having fun at Camp!?!  WE ARE!

The musical masters.

So many captions, so little time.

REAL beauty.

The little people, hanging out downstairs.

Ok, the little people AND the Intern.

"Rest in the Lord..."

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