Friday, December 26, 2014

Cinco, the Wonder Kitten

If you would have asked anyone (ANYONE)
if I was a cat or dog person, they all would have said:


That being said, I awoke on May 23, 2014 with the idea that I needed to rescue an animal from the Buddy Center in Castle Rock, CO.  By the end of that very day, this little fur ball had made her way into my home and my heart.  Instead of writing a million posts about my new pet, I've thrown them all into this post.  (If you're not a cat person, just skip on by this post.)

Say hello to Cinco, the wonder kitten!

Little, fuzzball at the Buddy Center, all curled up in a box.

Me?  You're here for ME?

Kitty in a box.  Terribly odd!

Headed home at 5:23 on 5/23.  Cool.

Thank goodness they sent me home with food!

But not litter!  There are a million kinds!

Peek-a-kitten.  You in there?

What's this carpet stuff?!

 Oh. My. Cuteness.

Ah, so these teeth are rather sharp, eh?  

 You talkin' to me?

 Thiiiiiiiis big!

 LOVE, indeed!

 Hogging the remote, per usual.
Field trip to Colorado Springs!

 What a lush.

Enough with these pictures, mama!

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