Friday, December 26, 2014

PLTS: Signs Along the Way

As you may have read in my letter/post HERE, I will begin my study at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary come Fall of 2015.  Located in Berkeley, CA, I knew a seaside Seminary would be the right choice for me, and thankfully, the admissions board thought the same thing.  PLTS held a discernment retreat for those contemplating/attending Seminary called "Signs Along the Way" in early November, and it couldn't have come at a better time for me to visit and explore! 

 Well, if it's a retreat to highlight the SIGNS along the way, 
I might as well start paying attention to each step!

 Happy Brenda Lynn on her Seminary quest!

 Oh. My. STEEPness.  See how the power lines plummet downward!?
Can't WAIT to drive UP those streets!

At the tippy, tippy top is PLTS.  BOOYA!

Wow.  Wasn't ready for the WOODS that surround the campus.


Ok.  I found a piano.  I can breathe now.

 Why, thank you!

 ohmygoodness, ohmygoodness, theresthewater

So wonderfully lush in November!


This is the Chapel on campus, 
complete with a Sanctuary and learning classroom.

 Huuuuuuuge Cross.

 We ARE called!

 A beautiful place to light candles upon entering.  

That is, after THIS greets you.  

Now, if I wasn't going to be passing this statue every week, I would insert some comment about a Saturday Night Live movie, or perhaps some amazing choreography...

HOWEVER, because Brenda does not need ADDITIONAL reasons to giggle in church,
I shall refrain. 

"Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, not-sayin'a'thing, not-sayin'a'thing..."

 There are bluebirds ALL over campus, just like at Flagstone.
Seeing a bluebird house brought me a smile (and some tears).

 Again, wasn't ready for THIS to be the landscape.


 And then there was this:  the space in which I slept for the Retreat.  A local couple had rented out their home to the Seminary, and we were able to pick rooms.  



Class time - attending a course on campus.

Does EVERY churchy-place have to have an obnoxious couch in their women's bathroom!?  
(Kimba - plenty of room to hide behind!)

 Time with a Faculty panel.  Such articulate and enthusiastic folks!

 Loving the color here!

 Quiet, devotional inside the chapel.  Great beauty.

Back home, Cinco wasn't entirely certain why I was gone...

 Moses striking the Rock.

 Seeing more steps along the way, aren't we?

My goodness, look what is at the top!


Oh, yes.  

 I can study here.
I can pray here.
I can learn here.

 Sunset in my amazing room.

Quiet time as the sun goes down. 
Much more emotional than I thought I'd be.  
Calmed down after a phone call with RA.  Breathing again.

 Took some screenshots of what rush-hour traffic would look like if I commuted.


 The current students hosted a bonfire and dinner party at their off-campus housing center.  The hospitality was amazing, and the ambiance certainly was wonderful, too!

After two days on campus, it was time for us to take a trip into the city.
Off to San Francisco!

Saw some amazing, home-made instruments along our walk.

 While I know these were supposed to present a nautical feel to the city, all I could picture was an upside-down person, with these being their legs!

 Hey!  The Golden Gate Bridge!

 Oh, yeah.  I can see myself thriving here.  

Wait!  It's not Christmas YET!

Near Pier 39.

Carousel of Happiness...for Brenda.

Right next to the Stairs of Happiness.
Yes, they played different pitches.
Yes, I ran up and down them, making melodies.
Yes, I will visit here again.

 SEALS!  And large ships!

 And Alcatraz!

 Again, even more instruments.

 Off to Chinatown.

 Fascinating sounds and smells.  
LOVED the lanterns stretching across the streets!

After an awesome day of sight-seeing and chatting, Dominique brought us back to Campus on the BART (their subway).  No one told me it went UNDER water, so when my ears popped the first time, it was quite a surprise!  The subway also shut down on our way back home because someone jumped on the tracks!  (They made it.)  Crazy adventures to be had, I tell ya! 

 Sunday dawned with even more color and a beautiful service at the UC-Berkeley Chapel in Berkeley.

LOOK at that GRADE!  Even a slinky would simply fly down those hills!

 The drive down to Berkeley was wooded and windy.  
Will make a wonderful, weekly Sunday drive!

 Views weren't half bad, either!

While we were walking around the UC-Berkeley Campus, 
Sarah tweeted me a pic from our Annual Meeting at Bethany

 Ruth Ann was giving her closing remarks/prayers to the Congregation.

 Have to say, it brought me back to reality - and fast.  :(

 Found some water.  Said a prayer.  Calmed down.  Re-focused.

 Doing a bit better.

The campus itself was stunning - and really helped me realize just HOW MANY resources will be at my hands.  PLTS is a part of the Graduate Theological Union (GTU) - a collection/consortium of 19 interfaith campuses, all of whom have reciprocity with PLTS.  I will have so many options when it comes to taking unique courses!

Some fascinating study spots along our tour.

Until I return!

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