Friday, December 26, 2014

End of Year, Finding Cheer

 We always have a blast when one's 
first tooth is lost in Music Class!  

 Pierce Man - scarf-matching, troop-supporting,
ukulele-playing awesome kid.

 Confirmation Evening at BLC.  This is the night we put flash-paper
on the cross, and set it on fire.  SUPER cool.

And all God's people said AMEN!

 Ruthi's last Wednesday at Bethany.
Time is going way too fast.  :(

Candles around the font.  
I always love the reflection they make!

Creating Ruth Ann's memory book.

Just a couple of photos... (this was just 2013).
I think the total was over 700!  Lots of memories!

Splicing in quotes from her sermons.

One of the completed pages!

Our Annual Gingerbread-making contest to support the
Parkinson Association of the Rockies. We're going to WIN this year!

Gum.  Need LOTS of Gum for the roof.

Ruthi, ready to gloop some frosting into place.

A crushed graham cracker front walk.

Supplies FLYING across the table.

Adding some love.

Stacie, Brenda, Ruth Ann, Sarah
Still working on our awesome house!


Group pic.

 Thankfully, I was the Lector during her last service at Bethany.

 Ruthi went on to preach a lovely sermon - reminding us once again
that we are ALL the church, and the ministry continues.

 Saying the words "We release you..." were the most difficult to speak.

A reception was help afterward so people could gather.

 I ran the sound and video feed while different folks spoke.

Ruthi was gifted with a beautiful quilt in colors she loves.

 I changed the words to "My Way" to "God's Way".

 Thankful someone caught her reaction.

ONLY time I've ever broken down while singing.

 Pastor Paul saying his final remarks.

 Sweet Evie, saying goodbye.

 Christopher and his Bronco-inspired gear.

Ruth Ann's nephew Henry, as dapper as ever.

Ruthi's last day at Bethany.  :(

Icy playground, 1.  Kiddo, 0.  My brave little buddy from school.

They didn't teach you in college that you
may have to hold head wounds together some day.

Here's the jukebox for our Choir Concert BEFORE...

Emma Bean made this all by herself.
Notes and names - it never ceases to amaze me
that she's now a reader and a writer!

The escape hatch at school.
If you can't find me...

We teamed up with Ben Miller over at Eldorado Elementary for our Turkey Drive this year!  They came over to pick up the goods - what a fun way to combine my BLC peeps and my FSE kiddos!

So proud of all of them!

We can do an awesome stare-down.

 SO!  My Grandmother, Dot, has loved hearing my stories about my kitten, Cinco, that she wanted to get one of her own!  SO, for Dot's 86th birthday, Mom helped Dot pick out her own kitten from the Human Society in Sheboygan!  Meet Kitty Kitty!

 This sweet, sweet boy.  Michael turned 1 at the end of October.  Such joy!

 A night out with the girls!

Those eyes!  Just like his sisters! of those things is NOT a vase.  What the what, kitten!?!

No, you may not go in the box.  OUT!

So putting up the Christmas tree was a bit more complicated with a kitten around this year...

Pretty sure NONE of the needles are actually ON the tree.

Ah, a moment of serenity.

That didn't last long.


Colorado sunsets in winter are amazing.

Cinco, KNOWING her bath is coming.

The after shot always cracks me up!

Finally, some snow on those mountain tops.

Some pics from inside the Sanctuary.

Stunning light.

Yeah!  The poinsettias have arrived.

We add more and more each Sunday,
so that by Christmas, it's a blooming wonderland!

When I suggested hanging out at home,
I had no idea Cinco would take me so seriously!

Brussels sprouts, anyone!?

Again - HOW on earth is hanging out
IN the tree comfortable!?  Crazy kitten.

She is an awesome cuddler, though!

First week in Advent.

Fascinated by the flame.

Yeah, not so much!

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