Sunday, February 21, 2016

Psalm Good Times

California nature for the win.

Nothing like flowers in full bloom AND raindrops.

YAY!  I'd love to spend my ENTIRE Saturday working on Greek.
Said no Seminarian.  EVER.
(I just might be getting the hang of it, though.....)

At least my Pastoral Care "homework" included watching a rather quirky and powerful movie, "Lars and the Real Girl".  Yes, that's a life-sized doll holding a hymn book in a church service.  Amazing to watch the entire town rally around one man who clearly needs community!

Off to worship, wearing my happy, new scarf.
Have I mentioned how much I love my time at Hope?!

 My initial view when we used FaceTime 
for our weekly, Lenten group! 
I could practically TASTE it!

 Thanks for hosting, Sue Ann (left)!

Andrea and Susan, deep in conversation 
about our Psalm Pilgrimage this Lent. 

 Susan and Sarah, in, well, NOT as deep of a conversation!  :)

Meanwhile, here's my *&@^#$(^& kitten, 
breaking my blinds AGAIN!
Knock it OFF, Cinco!

 Susan, Sarah and Mark, reflecting on Psalm 84:
"For the Lord God is both sun and shield,
he will give grace and glory."

Stac, remarking on the importance of honoring one's 
grief process, and being compassionate enough
to allow people the space they need held. 

Needed some MOVEMENT after all that sitting,
so off on a neighborhood walk with Vanessa
and all the munchkins we could find. 

My absolute, favorite place.  
(Baby Holden didn't seem to mind, either!)

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