Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Clench This

Have I mentioned the beauty of California?   IN FEBRUARY!?

I love these trees/flower/blossoms - they look like they are going to explode right off of the tree.  And when they DO, they cover the ground in two-toned petals.  BEAUTEOUS!

 "You are my kale chips, my only kale chips.
You make me happy when I need snacks.
You never know, chips, how much I crunch you.
Please don't take my kale chips away."

#paloesnacker  #singingtomyvegetation #ineedtogetoutmore

In a cruel yet amusing twist of fate, Evie and I ended up watching an animated movie.  That included a guy playing the recorder.  No, really.  A RECORDER.  While time with Miss Evie is ALWAYS fun (she is a smart, witty, kiddo!), I'm pretty sure that Cinco's scowl from atop the bookshelf accurately captures my TRUE thoughts about that instrument.

#artimitatinglife #cantmakethisstuffup 

 Ah, purple everywhere!

Oh, Liana.  You always have my heart!

 Drops of water, and all!

BUUUUUUUSY Sunday at Hope - two services, an annual meeting, a potluck AND an amazing sale of hand-made items by our friends at the Asante Network, a group who helps shelter and feed women in East Africa.  Check them out HERE!  Very similar to the One Mother program we so love at Bethany...and you can check THEM out HERE!

I barely got home and whipped my collar off, and these peeps showed up on my computer for our weekly, walk through the Psalms.  (Stac, Mark, Andrea, Susan, Sarah, Ruth Ann, Sue Ann...and Brenda in the tiny, little picture up at the top of the screen!)  "Life in the Psalms", Meeting 3 - we discovered the power of wasabi (just ask Mark...pretty sure he won't be eating any of THAT again), found a ninja amongst us (you'll just have to guess who it could be), and may or may not have extended an invite to The Donald to join our merry troupe!    #sundaysinlent #wasabininja #scornandlaughter

Hallie and Gary...two reasons Greek 
hasn't COMPLETELY consumed me.

Enjoy this.  It was the LAST, slice of beauty 
I would see for a week!  UGH.

Headed to class on Monday, readings ready, assignments prepped, backpack full, lunched packed.  I was READY!


...IT HIT.


Call it what you will, it took me down and FAST.

One moment I was sitting politely in class,  the next 
I was introducing my breakfast to the grass outside my classroom.


 Cinco was my lone, compatriot for DAYS, 
as I didn't have enough strength or power to see or talk to anyone else.

 Horizontal.  FOR DAYS.  

 Somehow, a crinkly, plastic-wrapped bag is GAME ON for all kittens. Licking the salt off was an extra treat, followed by her stomping and stepping through the crumbs.  Because I WAS HOPING to vacuum the entire house. 

 Ok, she's rather sweet....

 ...when she's not into complete mischief!

Right!?  Amen, sister!

 Wheat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free,-nut-free, yolk-free...but not CARE-free.  FULL of healthy stuff for my recovering body to eat (when I can eventually eat a bit more).  Bless you, Caitlyn, for braving the inner sanctum of doom and delivering goodies!  (And thanks to Rach for taking notes, Hallie for providing cheer, Bekah for a full-out, grocery run, Katy for grabbing the meds that FINALLY stopped the headache, for Susan for praying and reminding me to just breathe, and for everyone else who sent texts, encouraging me to JUST SLEEP!) 

Praying I can do this tonight.  I have been the 
one taking cat naps around here, 
and then I'M up all night, and SHE'S asleep!  

When not delivering care and joy to my door, Caitlyn came across one of the archived photos from the beginning of this year.  Ben from Colorado, Andy from Wisconsin, and Brenda from...well...both of those places!  

Look at how carefree we look.  How well-fed. 
How completely oblivious about what is to hit us.... THIS.  Just as long as they don't mean
I'll be able to read Greek by THIS Friday!

‪#‎αγαπητός  ‪#‎rememberingiAMbeloved

Pray for sleep.  Pray for health. 
 Pray that the only clenching I'll be doing is of Greek terms.


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