Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Headstands and Head-Sands

There's been so much rain, I was afraid I'd 
never get back outside to see the flowers again!

John Boy and the clay.  Ready to present our 
Elementary Presentation in Christian Education.

Kinesthetic learning at its finest.

We taught about the Littles, the Middles, and the Kiddles.
Our class played along quite nicely, and we gave them three, 
solid lessons to use in a real, church setting someday.  

AND THEN......the sun came out!  Glory, Hallelujah!
Rachel and I quickly took advantage of the glowing, yellow ball!

YAY! YAY! YAY!  The Posch Family and I
FINALLY connected after weeks of text messages and attempts.
We're busy folks...but it was worth the wait!
Such LOVELY people!  Oh, I miss them so!

 BEAN!  She gets older each time I see her!

 THESE TWO!  Oh. My. Goodness.  Maddie and Michael = TROUBLE!
Here they are, having rigged up the doll on the kitchen counter top, and they are ready to swing her into the kitchen sink!  Hysterical to watch them crawl up the stairs and rig it up!

 Look at them!  Double trouble!


Nothing says Romans 12:12 like 
a bunch of Bananagram letters!
I have this creepy feeling I'm being watched... 

Good grief - look at all those Books of Concords!  They are HUGE...
but completely necessary for our Confessions class.

 We had a bit of time to kill before our evening class, 
and Hallie even made GF dough for my 'pizza'.  
What a great bunch of faith-formers!

 We did an activity called Blackout Poetry
You take  piece of literature, and black out the words you
DON'T want to appear, revealing a 'new' poem.
Pretty, darn cool!

Very funny e-mail, Financial Aid.  I'm a Child of God.

You just never know who is going to show up
at your door around here!  Cameron!

 How very Trinitarian!  Kyle sent along 
some doughnuts (which I would have LOVED to eat) 
in celebration of his birthday.

 Would you look at that?!  Another open door,
another, little visitor!  Liana!

 It was time to get out the Mountain that Miss Ruby (my Caring Visitor friend) from Denver gave me. It tells the story of Holy Week...half kitschy, half practical.  Will make an interesting topic of conversation in my Pastoral office some day, and I'm guessing the kids will enjoy it, too!

 Caitlyn sent me this photo of some amazing purple flowers 
she found on an early, morning walk.  Gorgeous!
 Palm Sunday, California Style!  Check out the size of those 
palm branches!  We know someone who works for the city,
 and he cuts down branches each Easter, and they are incredible!  
Well over 8-10 feet tall!  WOW!

 We celebrated the life of John, a true cowboy at heart.
This was one of the floral arrangements at his funeral.

 Found myself an alternate way home.  I can either enjoy THIS,
or parked on the highway, in traffic.  Easy choice!

Palm Sunday, and my scarf matches the liturgical mood!

Worshipping in 3, different states and time zones!
(1) Top picture is from Hope Reformed Church in Sheboygan, WI.
Mom, Dad and Dot are in the rom to the 
left of the kid with red sleeves in the middle aisle, waving palms.

(2) Left picture (with the giant palms) is from 
Hope Lutheran Church in El Sobrante, CA

(3) Finally, I'm happy to say SOMEONE was at 
Bethany Lutheran Church in Cherry Hills Village, CO.  
Brad and Julie worshipped there on Palm Sunday.

Ah, my weekly dose of Psalms and Friends!
Including, Meditating Jesus in the middle.  Good times!

 One of my families sent me a picture, proof that 
Cinco indeed attended a Wednesday sermon.  

....and proof that Cinco loves to destroy things.  What a goon.  
Get away from my Hymnbook, you nut.
"Ah, HOLELY Jesus" is not what you think!

Busy coloring to keep myself calm.

This would be Russ measuring the snowfall in Denver,
as they are having a blizzard there today (3/23).
Sarah left after she finished measuring 20 inches!

 ...and this would be OUR day.  A wee bit of a difference!

 I like how Liana knew just how to sign herself in at age 5.
AND...signed her little brother in, too!  Cute!

Ah, time to hit the town with my little mini-me!

Walking back from Liana's school is always a treat

Time with this, little boy is ALWAYS a treat, too.
"We should stop at the bakery and say hello to the bakery people,
and eat one of their foods to be nice."
Sure, Cameron.  Sure.  

 "I have a mustache, just like Daddy!"

 Yes, he's dipping his food.
Into water.   Don't ask me.

 Again with the colorful joy!

AHA!  It DID come in handy!  YAY!
"Look Bwenda, there's Jesus!"

"Is he stuck on the cross?"

He truly pondered this mountain for a good 20 minutes.

"Let's walk up the stairs, Bwenda."

 Here's Jesus ON the mountain. 
The next picture SHOULD show Jesus OFF the mountain,
as the boy popped off our main character within seconds of this picture.  

 I showed him a picture of Miss Ruby,
and he thought SHE should go for a spin, too!

 Blizzard in Colorado, Happiness in California.

Ahhhh.  FINALLY.  Finally, some Sabbath at the waterfront.

Joy on a beach towel.

Colorful crayons and tiny hands. 

 Those sweet, little toes.

 "I can see the bottom, Bwenda!"

 "It's down here!"

 "My head fits!"


 What a kid.  We had picked out 6 books to read before we left,
and he wanted me to read them ALL while he sat in his happy seat.

One last time... last wave.

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