Sunday, March 13, 2016

Groups of Three and Dutch Henri

 This tiny, little, furball turned TWO on March 4!  
I absolutely LOVE having her in the house!

 Bugaboos!  Look at those faces!  JOY!

 Ah...the beauty continues in March.
And the rain.  SO.  MUCH.  RAIN.

Week 3:  Wonder.
As in, I wonder how we get ANYTHING 
discussed with this bunch!  Such fun on Sundays!

 "...and this is the chocolate side, and this is the strawberry side..."
Emma and one of her bigger-than-life drawings.

So you know how crappy things
 seem to come in groups of three?

We'll count the FLU from HELL as Thing #1.

And then came THIS:  

Thing #2:  Some jackwad decided to go through all of the drawers and compartments of my car.  Admittedly, I'm sure that after I stumbled in to the house to ralph when I got sick with the flu, I didn't think to lock/arm the car.  So, it was probably open  My bad.  YOU STILL DON'T GET TO GO THROUGH MY STUFF.  So not cool.  Nothing was taken, but everything was roughed up.  One picture was torn, and everything was thrown about.  Morons didn't even take the good sleeping bag, boots, or beach chairs that were in the back.  And let's be real, barely ANYONE knows how to detatch a child's seat, and that wasn't touch.  (the only thing of great, monetary value).  


 Seriously.  Who throws a BIBLE and Pastor's Collars on the floor!?  My neighbor down the way had the same thing happen to him, and they took his MP3 player.  So I guess I'm thankful that my stereo system was still intact.  

Karma, dude.  Karma.

And Thing #3:  ONE wrong step (and no, I wasn't going a million miles an hour), and my second toe went CRACK.  The tell-tale naseousness followed the pain, and sure enough, the little guy is out of commission.  Because I was HOPING to hobble around with a squashed tailbone AND a dead toe.  


Bekah and Caitlyn have kept me well-supplied with the
YUMMIEST, Almond Butter from our favorite farm, Massa Organics.
 How wonderfully bittersweet.  :(  Miss Emma is in the Yellow tanktop in the back row.  Nicole was a dear and FaceTimed me in so I could watch her Choir Concert.  :(  So proud.  So sad.  

 Wasn't this little guy just BORN!?  Mr. Holden is a 
moving and grooving now, and as cute and rolly-polly as ever!

A rare moment with Cinco on my lap.  Which tells me 1 of 2 things:  (1) she's either about to get sick all over the place or (2) she's done something in the house, and I have yet to discover the damage.  My bets are on Option #2.

 Ah.....and afternoon and evening spent
with one of my favorites:  Henri Nouwen.
Weaving together a story of our belovedness for Wednesday
 evening's reflection/homily.  Such beautiful words!  

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