Sunday, September 14, 2008

Projectile Snowmen

First graders are great. They still look at you in awe, curious about what you are going to do or say next. The music room is still a room of wonderment, and they are anxious and excited to learn. They are most receptive to the message of "be careful with the instruments" and "these are not toys" and "sharing is a good thing" - all things we covered last Thursday upon handing out the new instruments in our class.
We had no sooner begun our first song + instruments selection of the day, when the click-clack, talking Snowman head goes F-L-Y-I-N-G toward my face! The kiddo using that instrument got a little bit too excited, and really had his snowman head clicking to the rhythm. The snowman head flies across the circle, and lands right at my feet, just as the picture above shows. Note the eyes, staring right at me, ready to attack.

There was that great moment of complete silence - where the kids were in emotional limbo. They clearly didn't know what I'd do next, having just given them the 'be careful' speech. I put my hand to my mouth to disguise the fact that I was CRACKING UP - I mean, really, who knew I'd have to dodge a projectile snowman head! Eventually, I couldn't hold back my laughter, and the kids breathed a sigh of relief. I LOVE MY JOB!

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Chance said...

This was classic! I love it!