Wednesday, September 3, 2008

That's It!

The Cheese Stands Alone

Drum roll...I finally figured out the true name of my blog. Nothing earth shattering here - just a sense of THAT'S IT! I enjoyed "When You Wish Upon a Star", but it always felt just-so to me. Kind of a 'you need a blog name, so pick one, darn it' decision. Not anymore - THIS is a good fit. Be it my fierce adoration of CHEESE, or the fact that sometimes my pals seem to go make plans with others, leaving this cheese to ultimately stand alone, I now have a blog name I can stand behind.

(oh, and palin has nothing on biden - a couple of funny quips won't a vice-presidency make)


Heather said...

Great title!
And loved your previous posting about Adam. Tears in my eyes reading it. Love those kiddos!

Allison said...

Perfect! It is so you!