Sunday, September 14, 2008

Say again?!

"Ms. G. - my mom and dad asked me to ask YOU if you've ever Puffed the Magic Dragon."
---Second grade boy responding to the question "Did you tell your parents about the fairy-tale we learned about yesterday?"

"Can I just go call my mom and have her bring you some of her best homemade cookies? I mean, they are usually pretty good...sort of."
---Second grade boy who was in a heap-load of trouble with me after smacking both a classmate and a xylophone - his attempt to get in my good graces did NOT work, although his attempt was certainly amusing!


Matt, Erin and Ashley Yeadon said...

That is hilarious! As much as I absolutely love being home with my angel- I am still excited to come back to school- I really miss all the funny stories you come home with!

Chance said...

I love kids and how much laughter our jobs bring to us!

weberbb said...

Must be the week for funny sayings...Yesterday a first grader told everyone that bugs make chocolate. They poop, and that's the chocolate (makes you want to rush right out and buy some, right). Then today and 3rd grader told me his head was hot. After checking if he had a fever (which he didn't), he responded, "No, my head is hot 'cause of all the learning I did today..."