Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ahoy, There!

"Pirates we, friends of the sea,
Shipmates through and through.
Welcome aboard, just follow me,
You're part of a brand new crew!
Ahoy, there! ARGH!"

The dotted red line jumped right off this easel, and lead to our Pirate Cove in the gym! Mom and Dad sent this Pirate Skeleton (and other fun decorations for the Dining Room) from Sheboygan, and it greeted our audience as they arrived. We had 82 members in our Choir, and we are a Family of Pirates for certain:

Eight pairs of sisters,
Six pairs of brothers and sisters, and
Two families with three singing siblings!

Ahoy, there! Our Jay Leno Pirate.

Don't the blue mats look JUST like the sea? HA!

Check out my pirates!
Their costumes were AWESOME!

I love the fact that we're moving
so fast, we are actually BLURRY!

We made these super-simple telescopes by placing a piece of plastic wrap (Saran Wrap) on the end of an ordinary paper towel roll, and then wrapping it with aluminum foil. We're so high tech! Most of the kids still have their eye patches on at this point...

Who's the blonde blur in the middle!?

Again, check out the costumes!? I had the kids shuffle places during the concert so everyone could have a chance in the front row. Love their creativity and color!

"Meet our Captain, First Mate, too..."

My two Pirates who took on the speaking roles: Anna in red, and Isabel in white. They did a FANTASTIC job of not only acting out their parts, but speaking in a Pirate accent, too! So funny - I am SUPER proud of both of them! Check out the Pink Pirate, too!

Aren't they the most darling nautical bunch you've ever seen!? And the fact that they are obviously getting more comfortable on stage - check out the lounging! Little pirates!

Superb stripes! My Pirate in Pink stripes is actually one of our youngest Pirates, as she wanted to tag along with her older sister when she came to choir in the mornings! HA! So, our 3rd and 4th grade choir has expanded over the years to include 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th! Who can turn away a child who wants to sing!? Not me!

I love the fact that we caught the last song in photo - everyone's up and singing, and the camera captured that moment that comes to me during every concert - the "Oh, I love these little people, and even when they are singing like Pirates, I'm near tears and don't want the fun to end" moment. Sigh.

Here be me treasure!

Music teachers unite! Ruth Ann came
down to Castle Rock to join the festivities!

I knew I needed to keep the really young siblings busy, so I copied a whole bunch of pirate graphics and rubber-banded together a bunch of crayons so they could have some fun coloring while they waited for the concert to start. The sheets were completely gone by the end of the concert!

Big ole treasure chest from a Flagstone Family, one sweet Pirate, and yes....a head in the tree. Someday, Lucille the Head will have a blog post all of her own. For now, know that the head has been present at every concert I've ever given, and actually helps the kids focus during practice! Go figure!

Not really sure if this actually encouraged any donations,
but we did collect $34.56 for the animal shelter!

There's me Captain! Fantastic lil 4th grader!

There are the landlubbers I love!
Kim, Ann, Ruth Ann, Brenda, Kate, Ross

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