Sunday, June 27, 2010

Kitty with a Death Wish

Kitty with a Death Wish. Say THAT three times.
Just a couple of random pics from the last week of school.

Pretty good form for her first day
of piano lessons, wouldn't you say!?

Black and white of the black and whites.

There's my Abbey girl - sparkly shoes and a total ham!
We laughed as much as we learned that day!

Second graders at school made some of
these Turtle Tamborines. Totally awesome.

Blessings through the very last day!

For the love of Pete: you know by now that my crossing-guard duty is never dull. And that includes little kitty cats that decided to meander through traffic on one of the last days of school. Either this cat has a death wish, or knew I'd throw myself in front of the cars to scoop it up and return it to its owner. Seriously, cat.

You KNEW sandblocks were fun, but
did you know they were stackable, too? Yup.

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