Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pirate Cove

Ahoy, there! Note: If you are a choir mama, and you don't want to see what's in the gym...aka, the Pirate Cove...just yet, just skip this blog post for now!

Arrgh! This hangs above the stage. You have to love a projection screen that can lower to my level. It saves us all the trouble of taking me to the hospital after I've fallen off the ladder.

Eyepatches for my Pirates. Ten bucks says they last 10 MAYBE 15 minutes with them on. Soon as they realize they have no depth perception, they'll be the ones falling off ladders!

X marks the spot! No, that's not red paint. It's red duct tape. And no, I didn't put any duct tape on the walls this time. THAT lesson I actually learned...

Elementary school choir rocks, does it not? :)

Libs, if you're reading this blog, this is the original tree from Andy's office that you gave me YEARS ago. It's the only plant I've managed to keep alive for more than a year. AND it's perfect for a Pirate Concert!

Pirates kept dogs and cats for good luck. SO, to pay it forward for this concert, we're collecting coins for the local animal shelter. We'll throw the coins in my extremely elaborate and well-decorated laptop boxes...I mean, treasure chests.

Okay, so perhaps the perspective on this entire display is a bit off. The anchor is 20 times bigger than the ship. Let's just say, that ship isn't going ANYWHERE, thank you very much.

I think the kids did a nice job painting, don't you?

All excited to check out the local party store...
Yeah, not really feeling the party vibe anymore.

Party store #2 was a bust, too. Not only was it closed,
I'm not sure I would have gone in there alone.

Update on Mission: Flagpole...after building my very own flagpole and trying to construct something that would work, I realized I've been tripping over these volleyball net holders all week. Doh! It's the perfect height, already grounded and balanced, and will work just wonderfully for our flag! I'll find another reason to use my PVC pipe, don't you worry.

At least I'm not punching out hundreds of dots.
And putting them in baggies.
To explode during the concert.
Party Store #3 was a completely success!

So...the Pirate Cove is completely ready.
Now, all I need are some singing PIRATES!

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Allikaye's Mama said...

You are so good! That looks awesome! You make such wonderful memories for the kids and their families!! Way to go! Seriously!