Sunday, June 27, 2010


You KNOW I love anything and everything church, and today was AWESOME!
  • Cantored at two services (love love love singing with the congregation)
  • Lectored at two services (Scripture was Galatians 5, the Fruits of the Spirit! Love, Joy, Peace...)
  • Communion at all three services (love love love serving Communion)
  • Lead the sending song at all three services (Siyahamba - We are Marching w/ Kevin beating away on drums!)
  • Two visiting choirs of children (you know singing children make me smile)
  • We handed out our 127 canning jars (to collect cash) for Hunger Relief Day: 10.10.10 and received a few more pledges, too. AWESOME DAY!
Caitlin the Intern's last day at Bethany. She's off to seminary
in Fall. Here's Pastor Ruth Ann, CT, and Pastor Ron.

"We are Marching in the light of God..."

Singing children behind me! Oh, happy Brenda!

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