Monday, February 14, 2011

Critters and Crossbones

Remind me never to try to 'teach' again on Valentine's Day.

Little people filled with love means...
...a never-closing classroom door,
...constant interruptions,
...tons of hugs, and
...more candy than even I can handle.

Good morning, colorful sky.
It's going to be a whopper of a day, isn't it?!

Little concerned about the Valentine's the kids dropped off...

What message are they trying to send me?

So much for our "Safe and Friendly" mission.

Ok, this is just demented.

Only little people would noticed the
small leaves are in the shape of a heart. :)

My Favorite Teacher....DUM DUM? Ouch.

Was I just compared to a forest critter?!

At least we're evening the score.

Yes. A torn-off piece of paper.
And chocolate. It's the thought, right? :)

Nothing says I love you like
a skull and crossbones.

That's more like it!

My desk? Couldn't find it by 4pm.

How about it.

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