Sunday, February 13, 2011

Legless Frogs and a Cupcake Truck

Enough color, light, and fun this week to
keep those mid-February blues far, far away!

Ran to the grocery store the other morning,
pulled into Safeway, parked the car and saw THIS!
Good Morning, Pike's Peak! AMEN!

Dang. Lost my grip when carrying the wire basket that holds the scraper instruments in my classroom. The basket exploded into pieces, much to the horror of the children. It was an easy fix, but I'm pretty sure I traumatized them. :)

Ah, my stash has arrived.
Eek. A make-it-yourself carrot cake package.
Good grief. Think I'll be sticking to the fresh stuff.

The Denver Cupcake Truck came to Bethany this past weekend. Picture an ice cream truck - except WITH cupcakes and WITHOUT the evil ice cream truck music. They graciously donated 25% of all proceeds to Metro CareRing. A lot of money raised for an amazing food bank!

Whatcha HOLDEN there, Mr. GRACE?
Cupcake boxes from The Denver Cupcake Truck?
Yum! Hooray for Metro CareRing!

Choices, Choices! Sue Ann ponders...
Vanilla Party or Denver Snowball?!
The best choice?
Buying a cupcake to support Metro CareRing!

Pre-orders were picked up inside while BLC members
lined up outside to purchase their yummy treat!

The Truck has arrived, the cupcakes are here!
It’s time to collect some sweet treats for your dear!

What?! No more cupcakes?!?
Even the geese wanted in on the cupcake action
this past Sunday! Sorry, guys….SOLD OUT!

(Yes, I'm in the middle of the snowbank in my heels. What can I say, they were funny little geese, lining up for their picture! In the next 5 seconds, they turned and flew directly AT ME. Not funny anymore!)

Oh, happy day. Frogs, cupcakes AND cheese
that Sarah brought back from WisCONsin. BOOYA!

Laughed out loud when I downloaded this week's photos.

Only in Colorado could both 14 BELOW ZERO and...

...65 DEGREES ABOVE ZERO occur in the same week!

Adult Learning in February: Faith Formation Classes with Pr Ruth Ann, using the text "Frogs Without Legs Can't Hear" by David Anderson and Paul Hill. Great stuff for ALL ages!

Do you have any idea how much fun
you can have when your theme is FROGS!?

A pastor.
A scissors.
A legless frog.

My life is absolutely amusing.

Today was a day of beauty everywhere.



(is that a face?)

(seriously, it's looking at me...)


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Jess said...

Great photos as always Brenda! It took me a while to figure out that Sarah wasn't sitting next to a GIANT piece of cheese shaped like Wisconsin, but that it was actually in your hand! Ah, perspective. And, yes, definitely a face. Crazy!