Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dropping the Music

Let's begin with the obligatory student quote, shall we:
"Ms. G, what have you done now!?"

So I have this really fun Cheesehead drink holder.
I thought it might make an awesome bracelet.
It does NOT make an awesome bracelet.
It makes children laugh when you get it stuck on your wrist, however.

I'm playing the piano during 2nd grade, and all I hear behind me is
"Put it back! Put it back!" followed by "I can't! You do it!"
I whip around to find them struggling over (and trying to hide) the fallen letters "I" and "C" of MUSIC ROOM.
"Ms. G, we dropped the music. We're so sorry."

This mini-cheesehead makes for a MUCH better bracelet.

Check out the light in this photo! Tons of snow overnight, which always makes the 24 mile drive between home and church oh so exciting. Oy. My Santa Fe is a lovely little vehicle, thankfully. One, big long prayer up the highway!

The little ones singing their hearts out - such cherubs!

Spronk! Don't mess with his SOUP.

Andrea (Mrs. Spronk) and Beatrice Brenda.
Yes, her middle name is Brenda.
No, my middle name is not Beatrice.

SOUPer Bowl of Caring at church today!

BOOYA! The detail woman, herself, Sarah.

Miller Fam reminding us that all proceeds go to
ELCA World Hunger and Metro CareRing.

Little Faith Formers. With soup hats.
Note the Packers Jersey. Good boy.

Soup pots for cash.
I kept moving the Packers one forward. It worked.
Steelers Pot: $370. Bummer.
Packers Pot: $878. BOOYA!

Just had to end with this photo one more time - lovely!

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