Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Giraffe in My Bedroom

Somewhere between an early morning choir with 90+ singing children,

Somewhere between eight, exuberant classes and tweeting recorders,

Somewhere between deadlines and e-mails and details and meetings,

THIS is what I returned home to late tonight:

pieces of a Nutri-Grain bar under the side table

a discarded lei among the poinsettia leaves

bunnies on the bathroom rug

tiles scattered near the toys

a giraffe in my bedroom

and an unfinished cheese stick on the coffee table

Signs that a little one had visited my home.

Signs that between 4 and 6 pm,
I paused long enough to roll a ball on the floor with a child.

Signs that no amount of paperwork could replace the joy
that a little person and some downtime brought me tonight.

Signs that tell me I am blessed.

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