Monday, July 1, 2013

Tooth Extractions and Substitutions

My friends ROCK!  Here's some of my favorite, organic California Rice (the only rice I'm picky about) and an AWESOME cooking book from Sarah!  Chef Brenda!  HA!  

See.  THAT is some great rice.  
(From Massa Farms, the one we visited in January 2013.)

Back to my strangely, odd Google creepers.
Tooth extraction?  Sheboygan I get, but tooth extraction?!

Chicago Mission Trip, continued.  
Anja and her little playground buddy!

Serious game time. 
Both Anja and RA look terribly engrossed in this game!

T o o    s w e e t !

Hula Hoops are all the rage this year!

So many captions, so little time.  Wow.

My PE colleague, Christi, sent me this.   Musical love!

Doot do do do do.

Computers are amusing.  
They REALLY mean business when you want to clear your history.

Then, computers can be stinking annoying.  SIRI.

"Call Nicola".  That's all I said.
I've said it a million times.  
It's worked a million times.
Yet this time, Siri thinks I'm trying to channel a new, Irish friend. 

No, you idiot.  Call my friend NICOLA!

And speaking of people (computers?!) that are frustrating, Stac had some pretty amusing people on her flight back to CO this past week.  Always ready to support a pal with a laugh,  Mr. Egg represented the schmuck who wouldn't zip it.

What did we do before Text Pictures!?!?

Ok, this lady CLEARLY knows how to take amazing photographs.  Check out Christina Callanan Photography HERE - that's my friend Ashley's little girls, Allikaye (who will be in FIRST GRADE!) and her little sister, Cambria.  I met AK at birth, so to se her so grown up AND with a mini-me is beautiful!  God is good!

Some bunny keeps following us...

Incredible, Friday night lights.

The storm is coming!


Helping make her birthday cake!

What the what!?  Shark teeth, of course!
!!    Duh, da.  Duh, da.   !!

Some cupcakes at Brenda's home.

It took me AN ENTIRE YEAR to figure out that the makers of ukuleles put little dots NEXT to the frets.  I've always seen the ones ON the fretboard, but JUST NOW noticed the dots on the side.  

Hello, Sunday.

Farewell and Godspeed to Joni, our Family and Faith Formation Minister. 
Very bittersweet time.  :-/

Wrapped in love.

Turns out that mixmaster can finally come in handy!


I don't care hold old you are, 
this is still the best part.

Well, this ain't bad, either!

"Siri, what is a substitute for shortening?"

BUTTER is not the same as MARGARINE 
which is not the same as SHORTENING.

Good night, Sunday.

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