Monday, July 1, 2013

VBS - Kingdom of the Son: A Prayer Safari

Woohoo! We just celebrated our Vacation Bible School week!  
We focused on The Lord's Prayer this week.
Matthew 6:9 - 13

I spent my week hanging out 
with little Safari-mates like this!

...and these...

...and this one!  RARR!

The skits were a HOOT, as were the characters.
The kids were awesome listeners, too, 
which is always nice for everyone!

The blue-cheeked Bee eater!
(YOU try saying that in front of a hundred people!)

Sweet Pea, Trissie.  That girl had SPUNK!

My workout each day was teaching all those kids the moves!

And praying up a storm!


Did I mention there were some characters!?

And THESE two.  Sheesh.  :)

Lovin' myself some giraffes.

Tall ones.

Who says face paint has to stay on your FACE?!

Opening Session.
Then five, 30-minute sessions.  IN A ROW.
Then Closing Session.  


Snack Break!

One of the Grandpa's who brought his granddaughter each day was inspired to dig through some of his old vacation photos of his trip to the Holy Land and show us the Fish and Loaves mosaic near the Sea of Galilee.  (see more here)  Super cool connection to our miracle story of the day.

That girl was a HOOT!

Water time - it was only 100º each day...OY!

Our themes for the week.

Just how tall IS a giraffe?

I don't think my arms ever reached my side!

Bethany Member David is literally over in Africa, 
working on behalf of animals, during our Safari week.

Kids were SUPER excited to see someone from 
church next to a REAL, live elephant!

Who are we kidding...I was pretty impressed, too!

YEAH!  Henry's group - the Nigerian Naturalists!  
A great way to begin every morning!

Oh my, these candids in front of this hand-painted mural are a kick!
Enjoy their little faces and poses!

Thank You flowers from the Safari Team.  


My Lively Lions - amazing guides, amazing faith formers!

How cute are they?!

Little beans did a fantastic job during our final program!

I think we all lost 5lbs from dancing in the heat!

"The KINGDOM, and the POWER, and the GLORY

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