Monday, July 1, 2013

Pork and Dough

+  Do you see what I see?  Welcome, July!  +

 There's the birthday girl!


 Little Bean had to get in on the action.

Apparently, so did her Barbie.  Eek.

 WHAT is going on!?

 Yeah for FaceTime!

 Giggling Girls!

Question:  How do you trip up an insomniac 
who occasionally sleepwalks in her 
half-sleep/half-awake state?

Answer:  Cheap Door Knob covers that will
 hopefully confuse me to the point of waking up. 
 While still INSIDE my home.

Now, I'm not TERRIBLY competitive, but I am a bit disturbed at my ranking.
9, 812, 454 people are ahead of me in the Blogosphere!?
Game ON.


 Thumper, my shadow.  Hop along little friend.

So, after yesterday's RIDICULOUS cookie fail.... 

 ...I'm relieved to report Operation Pork Loin was a success.

 JUST don't forget to remove the tips of your meat thermometer before you stick them into your hot meat.  They are NOT edible.  Just saying.

And I couldn't give up on the cookies, either.
Project Oatmeal was a success, too!  WHEW!

Welcome, July 2013!

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