Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Beauty and the Beast

Love it, love it, love it. I love the June paycheck, where all my extra hard work (choir, computers, yearbook, talent show, etc.) comes back to me in $. Why? Because, after all my bills are paid, I can go get my summer FLOWERS! I LOVE filling my deck with colorful planters.

I love squishing my fingers through the dirt, making a COMPLETE mess of my kitchen. I love watering all my plants so my downstairs neighbors get a shower...HA! (Sorry..that just might teach them that screaming at all hours of the day is rude and annoying! UGH.)

Anywho, here are a couple of the after pics. I want to buy more. Perhaps tomorrow! Now, I can enjoy my morning cup of coffee and the paper, looking out over Castle Rock, surrounded by natural beauty. LOVE IT!

Let's see...then there's the 'beast' known as my den. I am preparing for my Masters presentation, and spent the better part of 5+ hours yesterday going through ALL of my classes over the last 3 years. 30+ semester hours worth of reflections, papers I spent hours writing, research...WHEW! I split it all into 5 categories, and believe it or not, this picture actually represents an organization of my mind. Scary little mind, eh? Should be great to see the AFTER pic in late July!

QUICK UPDATE (5 hours later): I was able to purchase some file folders this afternoon, and now I have been able to relocate my carpet. WHEW! Yeah, Target!

Finally, my newest discovery: Mint, Melon and Sugar Scrub. I COULD pay more than $20 at Bath and Body works or some other expensive store...OR I could pay only $10 at my friendly, neighborhood Target. Sweet. It's great, does wonders for my feet and hands, and smells fantastic. There are a bunch of different scents, all for only $10. Definitely recommended. :)

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