Monday, June 30, 2008

Game, Set, Match!

I wasn't sure what was making me so out-of-sorts today, but I couldn't shake the feeling ALL DAY. I did a rather fast 2 miles on the elliptical at the gym. I walked around the apartment complex. Then, I chipped my front tooth (and the dental receptionist just chuckled at my predicament). I produced 2 iMovies and kicked them into iDVD, completing 2 big ole video projects. UGH. I'm eating the right stuff - I'm working out - I'm sleeping (sort of). Still, I couldn't figure out why I was cranky, annoyed, aggravated, and basically SOUR all day. And HOT. I could not cool off - and I was wearing very little in powerful air conditioning. UGH.

Then, there it sat on the counter: the tiny, little BLUE PILL that makes ALL the difference in my day. I should have read the signs better: hot and cranky = lack'o'estrogen. DUH. I had forgotten to take my magical 2 mg of estrogen that make the difference between Happy and Crappy. I can't believe it has been 1,130 days since my hysterectomy. I've taken that pill 1130 times - you'd think I'd remember it's impact on my life!
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Side note on the Ted story: haven't heard much from him since Friday (he had a busy weekend, and is leaving again for CA tomorrow). I've been wondering if he had been bothered by the 'I can't have kids' chat we had the other night. I've dealt with this for years, and he's known for 5 days. I certainly couldn't fault a guy who decided to break it off because he wanted kids of his own (literally). It's certainly been on my mind. How diverse our blogs are - postings of children at play, postings of exciting ultrasounds, and then the postings of the angst of being barren. Life is interesting.

He did finally e-mail me a quick note today, AND I literally almost ran him over on my way out of the parking lot tonight. He was walking his 2 dogs. We chatted for a bit, and he said he'd call if he made it back into town this weekend. Boy, it's hard to be hopeful and carefree all at the same time.
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I have wanted to get back into playing tennis forEVER, and finally bought the brightly colored balls today, found my racket, and headed off to find a tennis court back board. Just as I was driving toward my neighborhood courts, I passed a couple, rackets in hand, obviously headed toward the same spot. Not wanting my lame singles game to impede their actual game, I kept driving, in search of a flat building. I found it! I remembered that the back of a nearby school was flat, made of brick, and away from people. (For being an extrovert, I sometimes really like to be alone.) YEAH! I parked the car behind the school, and I was in my own little private tennis session! WOOHOO! The woods were right behind me, which I took as an incentive NOT to let the ball get past me! I could open my car door windows, and listen to the radio while I smacked the ball. Who says a one-eyed blonde has no depth perception! :o)

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Allison said...

Oh Brenda...I will be your surrogate! I have good healthy babies and I would totally do that for you! I'm serious! I'm no good at tennis either. So if you want some company next time at South, let me know. I won't make fun of you if you don't make fun of me!