Sunday, June 22, 2008

Home of the Brave!

WOW! WOW! WOW! I am bursting with pride right now!
What an amazing day at the ballpark with all my little friends!

My babes all met at the Employee Entrance, just before noon on Sunday, June 22. It had to have been close to 90ยบ in the SHADE, and they just happily sat with each other on the gravel, wearing their tie-dyed pride! I was so proud of how they DIDN'T complain (I was ready to complain!). All 80 kids were pretty close to being on time, and they all were wearing their shirts! (I had brought along 6 for the kids who said they needed them....and then showed up wearing one! Whatever works!). One little one was a little heat-sick, one was a bit scared now that she was at the big park. Two of them had added a brand, new family member just last night, with mom cheering them on from the hospital! What a happy, little, Flagstonian family we were!

Two, really sweet Rockies Staff members, Crystal and Erin, brought us INTO the building, underneath the field, and past all the really important places in Coors Field. We were lined up in this waiting zone. Then, this HUGE garage-door opened, and VOILA! we were staring at the entrance to Coors Field! WOOHOO!

It wasn't quite time for the Flagstone Choir to make their entrance, so we moved to the side to allow for all the Little League teams (all 400 gajillion of them!) to parade along the outskirts of the field. We warmed up, and Crystal and Erin answered all the questions I tossed their way. One little one came up to me, hand over her mouth - I thought she was either going to be sick, or already had been. Turns out, she "was so excited, her tooth just fell out!" So, right there, underground at Coors Field, I just put the little tooth in my pocket for later! HA! Just like my classroom! A bigwig from the New York Mets (Guy Conti, Bullpen Coach) wandered by, and commented on the fabulous energy of our group, and said that HIS team needed to harness some of that energy! YEAH!

Finally, our turn. Telling the kids that it was time to stand and enter Coors Field was AMAZING! They were so excited - sharing this experience with them was ten times more powerful than when I sang by myself. Their energy was TANGIBLE! We carefully walked along the red dirt, waiting for our turn. Just as we got out on the field, we heard the names of our Principal and Secretary being called Jan and Susan! After the Color Guard had completed their flag presentation on the field, we were led out ON THE GRASS, right there between 3rd and 2nd Base! We oh-so-carefully stepped over the precious white line, a line painted by the groundskeepers, and which we were warned to stay off of! We lined ourselves up between the 2 microphones, and I blew the first pitch on the pitchpipe. It was so LOUD and overwhelming and wonderful at the same time! We were all just grinning!

THEN, they announced our names. OUR NAMES! I'm not sure I ever stopped smiling - I raised my arms to conduct, and off we went. Only during the middle of the song did I realize that the WORDS were being displayed underneath the JumboTron! It was a great relief, as I think I was the only one worried about forgetting the words! The kids were amazing - they knew those words down pat! :)

Just like I had experienced before, as we reached "...and the home of the brave!" the entire stadium, all 45,000 of those fans, started cheering and yelling! I have tears in my eyes all over again just thinking about it! My kids were in amazement of themselves, and I couldn't have been prouder! They smiled for the cameras, and then waved to the family members up in the stands! They were still on the JumboTron, so they got a chance to turn around and look at themselves! HOW COOL IS THAT?!

So, this blog can only give a SMIDGEN of what was a most overwhelmingly, amazing day! The families greeted us with open arms upon returning from our performance, and we enjoyed the regular ballpark treats (hot dogs, lemonade, etc.) Even with the scorching heat, we were able to enjoy each other's company, meet grandmas and grandpas in the stands, and be awfully proud of a job well done!


Allison said...

Congratulations! That is so awesome! The kids look so happy and excited! Yeah for Flagstone!

motherstouchphoto said...

I was so proud of you and the choir that day! I didn't get to go because I was left in charge of preparing Casey Brownsberger's 40th bday party that was held later that day. I wish I would have been there. I did see a video though and it made me cry with proud enthusiasm.