Saturday, November 21, 2009

Before and After

Here's a weird one: this tiny screwdriver came with my new batteries! Where was THIS when we wanted the batteries INSTANTLY inserted into our new toys as kiddos!?

Sharing. It's all about sharing. I LOVE my Disciple group. Remember when Dena brought the gingerbread cupcakes? AND whipped cream? (Read here) I remember. And Matt, our leader remembered, too. He brought me my very own can for our last class. :) Yes, I shared. Eventually.

We also shared a very personal last session this past Wednesday. Talk about ending on a strong point - we shared our Spiritual Gifts, both gifts we possess, and those we think others have. It was a wonderful way to focus on the strengths of each member.

Finally, we shared Holy Communion together. Pastor Ruth Ann led us through a brief, yet powerful mini-service, just for Disciple members. I'm going to miss meeting with this bunch.

Here's what a Lutheran World Relief Health Kit
for refugees looks like BEFORE....

...and here's what they look like AFTER!
Learn more about this project here.

I love my Castle Rock. Here it is BEFORE....

...and AFTER the beautiful star is lit!
I love that you can ONLY see the star!

Ok, sunrise from my deck is pretty awesome
right now. Cold, but definitely awesome!

Yes, this is my Christmas Tree. It's been slowly coming together for a while now. I am always happier when I can come in the door and turn on the tree. I absolutely love falling asleep under the tree. I also love staring into the tree. I love my tree.

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