Sunday, November 29, 2009

H20, Hope, Humbled, Holy

I am quietly sitting in my church library as I type this entry. It's been a whirlwind day, which is a fabulous way to kick-off the season of Advent. Wait, watch, wonder, worship. Four weeks that help us prepare for Christmas. And not the commercial, over-loaded with gifts, everyone loses their mind kind of Christmas: the REAL Christmas. Lighting the Advent wreath has always been a part of my church tradition, and now that extends into my home as an adult.

I woke up today, and listened to my H2O Devos! (If you haven't subscribed or listened, please STOP reading my blog, and sign up HERE).

Did you sign up?
It's worth hearing.

Here, I'll post the link again:

I was FINALLY able to share my new song, "A Time of Hope", with everyone at Bethany. Pastor Ron infused the song right into his sermon. Unreal. He'd preach to the text and message of the day, then I'd sing. Repeat. Here's the link to the 12 minute sermon by Pastor Ron. I was humbled that he would want to include my simple text into a message that reached hundreds of people in the pews (and countless others online). One last time in the sanctuary with both Pastor Ron and Pastor Ruth Ann, and I can truly say I'm ready for "A Time of Hope!"

Today was also the first time I served Holy Communion.
This is big. BIG.

I don't think I was ready for the emotion that accompanied this task. I know I wasn't. To say the words "This is the body and blood of Christ, given and shed for you." to another congregant was powerful. People in our Disciple class have spoken of this awe, and I was able to experience it firsthand today. And mind you, I only held the Gluton-free station, which served around 10 people total. I think I would be positively overcome if I served in a side aisle, or even the main aisle!

Now, that was only the first 4 hours of my day. I am here at church to get some SERIOUS Messiah study time in at the keyboard. Our first rehearsal together is Monday evening, and I would like to appear prepared. After Messiah, I'm headed to a member's home for an Art Show. Delia Stewart pulls together these amazing angels from scrap pieces of metal. I can't wait to see more than one at a time!

THEN, oh yes, I'm headed off to the City and County Building for my first night of bell ringing! They lit up the building this weekend with the super-cool new LED lights, so it should be rather exciting to go inside and play happy tunes for the city. I'm also bringing the camera so you can see the scary room mentioned in the last post!

Happy Advent!

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