Sunday, November 29, 2009

In the Moment

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WHAT a day! I tried really hard to be IN the moment today, and not just zoom past each one of them or just check them off as they went. There were just so many moments today!

I worked super hard this afternoon on Messiah, which feels good. I happened to run into the Chancel Choir director, Dr. Dan Grace, and begged him to play on the big choral pieces (the harpsichord part wasn't included on a couple of big numbers - Why? Because Handel could only play ONE keyboard instrument at once. Either organ or harpsichord. Mind you, the guy was conducting, too...but I digress.) Ok, I didn't really have to beg - Dan was more than happy to oblige, and now instead of just sitting there during all the big choral pieces (because I sit so well), I'll be playing. Happy, happy Brenda!

Somewhere, in between Messiah practice and the Art Show, I managed to fit in a bit of the Canto Deo concert (it was at Bethany). I sat in the back row, and quietly listened for about 20 minutes. I would have loved to stay, but other commitments pulled me away. Centered me a bit before rushing off to Denver, though, which is always a good thing.

The Bells: I get to the City and Council Building, and the guard on Floor 1 hands me a tiny key, and tells me to go up 1 elevator to the 4th floor, get off the elevator, and switch elevators to go to the 5th floor, as not all elevators go all the way up. Is that not the most ridiculous thing!? How about...directing me to the elevator that actually makes it all the way to Floor 5? Too funny. And the best part? He said all of this in a thick Russian accent - I don't know his first name, but his name badge said Kowolsofsky. Awesome. Genuine Russian accent. We shall call him Dimitri.

Check out the hallways inside the City and County Building, Floor 4. If I had to get off the elevator, you KNEW I was going to have to check things out first. You should HEAR the amazing acoustics in this hallway - thankfully, there wasn't a soul around to hear my crooning. I'm coming early next week, just to sing. I'm sure the security guards really appreciated the strange sounds coming from floor 4!

Here is the CAVE known as the Chime Closet. Too funny. Check out the fancy schmancy chairs. I didn't sit in them, as the keyboard was a bit too high. Plus, I was too busy chuckling and dancing by myself in this tiny room. Picture Will Ferrell and Cheri O'Teri on SNL and their little keyboard skit.

See the fence!? Creeeeeepy. I could touch all sides of this room by stretching out my arms. I could also hear the bells from inside this room, which was comforting. I had these nightmares of playing for 45 minutes...with no sound actually reaching the public. Thankfully, it was super simple, and everything worked as I was told. Oh, and please note the candy canes. I think they add that special touch...

I'm such a goon. I was having so much fun in my little room!

This would be the outside of the building. UNREAL! See the Red Tower at the top? That's where the bells hang. Dena from my Disciple group came to listen with her husband, and sat across the street on a bench, enjoying the melodies - yeah!

Brought home the altar flowers today. They WERE my front seat! Just gorgeous, although I took one turn a bit too fast, and the flower-water was all over my floor. I know we're all surprised at Brenda's driving.

Look who came home with me! I would have loved to spend more time at Delia's art show, but the bells were calling. I'll give you one guess as to what this angel's name is...word of the day....that's right: HOPE!

And we end the day full circle: I was able to place the first candle on my Advent Wreath. Yes, it's on the top of my tree. Yes, it's fabric - it was one of the cool crafts the kids were able to take home from Family Faith Night back on the 14th. I think we will all agree these are the safest kinds of candles for Brenda to have in her home!

Happy Advent!

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