Sunday, November 15, 2009

Questions and Answers

Yes, these questions are written in the third person.
No, I haven't lost my mind. It just seemed easier.
Thank you, readers, for still reading this blog.

1. Where have you been?
Everywhere but my own home! A week in Washington DC, training in El Paso, Texas (thank you snow, for the extra evening in this city), training in Mesquite, Nevada (an hour or so from Las Vegas), Women's Retreat with the Church Ladies (just outside Littleton, CO), and now, a hotel in Denver, CO.

2. Have you given up on this blog?
Me? Give up on anything?! You know me better than that! Of course not! The fun part about a blog is that you can update it when you want to. I wanted a break, so I took one. It's exhausting trying to keep up with myself sometimes, and the break did me some good. I'm back!

3. Where are you at this moment in time?
While I could certainly wax philosophical, I am literally sitting in the Sheraton 4 Points Hotel in Denver, CO. Why? Because tomorrow's Congregational Meeting at church means a lot to me. Anything having to do with church business (God's business!) is important to me, and the crazy snowstorm wasn't about to keep me from this meeting!

4. Don't you live in Castle Rock? Why aren't you sleeping there?
Because I thought another evening in a strange hotel room would be fun. Wait, no, that's not why. What people don't understand is that when a snowstorm is predicted for anywhere in CO, you should add a good 6-10 inches of accumulation in Castle Rock. We always get smacked with a ton of the white stuff, and with an inch per hour predicted (and still falling, mind you), I wasn't about to wake up to DOOM, and miss my 8:00 am lectoring, 9:00 am class, 10:30 am worship, and 12:00 pm Congregational Meeting.

5. How on earth did you get to the Hotel in your little Hyundai?
While I cherish the Brenda-mobile dearly, I am able to recognize its limitations. Ann offered to swap cars with me on Sunday morning, and after watching the latest news reports, offered to swap earlier so I could carry through on my insane plan to stay closer to church. SO, I drove her Subaru up I-25 at 11:00 pm so I could be close to church. Thank you, Ann, for swapping out the car in a snowy parking lot at 11:00 pm, for lending me the Subaru, and for just understanding me in general!

6. What's so important about this Congregational Meeting you keep mentioning?
Well, let me tell you: we're voting on a bunch of issues tomorrow. The agenda will include election of Council members, Foundation Board members, BECC Board members, Nominating Committee members and the Bethany representatives to the Rocky Mountain Synod Assembly in 2010. Area of special importance to me: ELECTION of COUNCIL MEMBERS! The day has finally arrived! Remember when I first told you about this? (read here) And when I mentioned this AGAIN here? Super important to me. Very exciting.

7. Why are you updating your blog right now if you have this big meeting tomorrow?
Good question! And technically, it's already tomorrow! Oy! I guess I just wanted it on the record that I am excited for Bethany, regardless of whether or not I'm elected in a few hours. I take this stuff quite seriously! The Beacon (our newsletter) was filled with the bios of caring, compassionate people that will serve Bethany well, and I say that with an honest heart. You know I like to be a part of the action, no matter what!

8. Shouldn't you be sleeping?
Why, yes, I should be. Aside from forgetting a belt for tomorrow (that should make for an interesting meeting, now, shouldn't it!?), I'm ready to go. The snow is gently falling, Bethany is literally within sight, and I'm now ready for bed.

Ciao for now.

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Ann Herrell said...

I just saw this... I'm so happy I had a car that would get you to this very important event, and it didn't break down by the side of the road in a blizzard! Love you!