Saturday, June 11, 2011

February 2011

Better late than never, right!?
Here goes!

Cookies from mama! 32 years worth of YUM!

Elementary children are FULLLLLL of love!
(I can explain the $1...really....)


Thin Mints and a sharp knife. I'm good. :)

Ok, Thin Mints, a sharp knife, expanding animals
in capsules AND my friends. Now I'm good!

The Birthday Bunch at Chili's

Soup for the Soul with the Spronks

Check out the (gasp) jewelry torso!
Caused quite a stir!

Judi at her booth

Stacie and Sundee, with their behind-the-scenes
contains-all-the-details Green Notebooks.

RTG and Schubert

Sarah, Bren, Stacie - a caring evening for those dedicated
to quality hospice care. Check out more details HERE.

My camera rocks!

Goodnight, Moon!

Goodnight, Emma! Love seeing this
little one in the rear-view mirror!

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