Saturday, June 11, 2011

May 2011

How about a little Broadway!? Introducing these musicals to the kiddos was FANTASTIC! I have a ton of little people singing Broadway tunes up and down the school hallways! BOOYA!

The guy on the wall is George M. Cohan
(Give My Regards to Broadway, etc.).
Cohan and RENT - over a century of wonderful music!

And that's only the stage part - there were kids on both
sides on flipforms - 93 singing peeps in all! Crazy amazing!

You KNOW Lucille had to be a part of the concert...and Connor added a pic of his family, a strange dog and IronMan to the mix. My job ROCKS!

Had to include the acrostic poem the 6th grade boys created for me. My kids are stinkin' hilarious. Here are THEIR words, explaining the poem: (1) It's a K in MUSIKY because that's just cooler. (2) The 3rd word begins with an "S". :) (3) They don't really know what LUSHISH means (we're going to go with exuberant, thank you) but it sounded perfect.

Miss Emma and I hung out on the playground at Sky Ridge while her NEW SISTER, Madeline, was resting with her mama upstairs. New baby! Woohoo!

Okay....what!? A week later, and I am able to
build a snowman on the roof of my car.
Colorado, you're nuts.


Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.
And yes, that's AM.

Colfax Marathon Relay Team AND our Faithful Soles cross!

Sarah and I at the starting line.
(We had the first leg so we could finish
AND get back to church in time. We're nuts.)

Andrea and Stacie at the finish line!
Our Whole Team: Sarah/Brenda, Michelle/Art,
Lindsey/Stan, Amy/Mark, Andrea/Stacie.)

LATER that day, the annual Carnival was happening. A bit cold to have the fun games outside, so we moved them into the oh-so-accoustically-painful Fellowship Hall. Kids had fun, so we're good!

Love the look on Joni's face. She's warming up to
nail the latest victim in the Water Balloon Smash. Brrrrr.

Jess, the Intern, taking one for the team.
She had to have been sooooo cold!

Relay Team. Carnival. Annual Meeting. WHEW!

Castle Rock looks like it's about to explode!

Can we say 2010-11 Yearbooks!? BOOYA!

I'm loving these First Communion photos.
Miss Abbey on her special day.

May 27th is never an easy day, and this year was especially tough.
It was a blessing to wake that morning and read this verse.

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