Sunday, January 1, 2012

Love and Live Happy

Imagine my joy upon discovering two heaping piles of shredded cheese! :)
Imagine my sorrow upon discovering these were actually potatoes! :(

My question is how do you explain the carrot nose on Baby Jesus?'s Christmas?  Gotcha. 

Always good to be back on that bench.
Christmas Eve Worship - O Holy Night.  

Holy Communion on Christmas Eve!  

Silent Night at Hope Reformed Church 
Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Silent Night at Bethany Lutheran Church
Cherry Hills Village, Colorado

I'm usually with little Charlotte late on Christmas Eve.
Thank goodness her parents posted this pic of the little bean!

My camera on Fireworks mode is amazing.  Enjoy!

Rather symmetrical, wouldn't you say?

Grandma Dot in the middle!

Three generations!

Cheerful, aren't we?

"Here's your gift...with a few strings attached...."

...strings as in you can only spend these gift certificates when I'm with you 
because I've reenlisted and I'll be stationed in Colorado!  HOLY COW!

Signed the papers in Baghdad, no less. WOW!

This is my "Wear This When Doing Laundry So 
You Don't Fall On Your Face" Broncos helmet.  

Apparently, helmets were the gift of choice this year!


Enough said.

Hmm.  More injury-related gifts.  
I sense a theme.

What good Sheboygan yard doesn't have their 
very own Christmas flamingo  lawn ornaments?!


She was really thrilled with her new screen house stakes.
It's the little things. 

Daniel Boone called.  
He wants his pelt back.

Try to look more enthused, Brad.

I love the fact that Dot is as perplexed as I am in this photo.
That would be a rolling, laughing cow.
Yup.  :)

The girls!

I thought we should have broken out the 
new bean bag toss game in the living room.
I was voted down.

Look very closely.  Notice the hovering helicopter
Never give a remote controlled helicopter to a 29 year old boy at midnight on Christmas Eve.
Guaranteed to take off the heads of at least 3 knick-knacks before crash landing behind the couch.


Love and live happy.  Good idea!  Merry Christmas!

~~~ * ~~~ * ~~~ * ~~~ * ~~~ * ~~~ * ~~~

Oooh.  Fancy.

Ooooh.  Shiny. 
The obligatory up against the neighbor's home photo.

BOOYA!  It's cousin time!  The kids have kids!

TEN!?  Dakota is 10!? 

Munchies and mingling.

The kids got there very own play space.
In the hallway.
Lucky ducks.

Our toys from when WE were little.

Gorgeous sunset.  
Too cold to enjoy from OUTdoors, 
but just as pretty INdoors.

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