Monday, January 9, 2012

Points of Light

I just want it on the record that the test said I was NORMAL.
In print.  NORMAL.
Mind you, they were talking about my heartbeat from the pre-op EKG...
Still.  Normal.

Still sneaking in a little JOY
in spite of the chaos all around me.
 Pastor Ron departed for his 3-month sabbatical over in London this week. 
We blessed him and sent him on his way during the services on January 1.

 Catching some time in the sun before crossing the pond.

Service of Remembrance was especially hard this year - so many deaths and people to honor this year:  Blake, Buddy, Allison, Aunt Pat, Liam, Madigan, Roseann, DJ, Norman, Tom.
Good morning, God!

 Even the Castle Rock star wanted to see what it was like 
to live with one eye this week.  The lights split right in half! 

 Sarah took these pics over at Bethany the other evening - WOW!

 My new favorite photo of our church!

 How could one properly celebrate Epiphany with the
Pastor's wife without eating Epiphany star brownies!?   
A light-filled, joyful evening with Sue Ann and Sarah.  And brownies.

My first 1,000 piece puzzle.  That's about 900 pieces too many....
We made incredible progress in one night.
It actually LOOKS like the USA!

Do you see what I see?

Looking for loose coins and found some Faith, Hope and Love in my car.
Works for me.

See the large circle on the roof below?
That would be the plant I chucked over my deck.
I'm rather amused it stares up at me.

What can I say?  Even the Bison from South Dakota 
wanted to see the Baby Jesus in the manger!
I was setting up a separate blog, and testing the comment feature.
Slow down?  That's foreign text to me!

January 8 - Baptism of Our Lord Sunday. Walk wet!

Wrapped in love from the Lutheran Ladies.
A prayer shawl from a parent at school - how sweet is that?
(And it looks like a heart, so double plus.)

 Easy, indeed!  People are coming with meals for the next two weeks!  WOW!

I think my kiddo's shirt says it best. 

 Dot received this angel from a nurse before HER surgery,
and passed along the little singing guardian for mine.

We'll call this photo Brenda's Face Before.  
I think I look pretty calm for facing a major change in my life tomorrow.  

Working on this...
 Peace out.

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