Sunday, January 1, 2012

Pants and Piers and Friends Bringing Cheer

Needed a little quiet time at the end of a long pier.


I could stay out here all day.


WOOHOO!  Briana, Megan (and baby boy to be born in Spring),
Stuart, and the girls, Hannah and Elizabeth!   
A fantastic catch-up on everything lunch!

She was so overheated that her pants all but 
disappeared by the time we left!  Hysterical!

Adventures in Kohler, WI.
Just for you, Nicola! 

Nic's childhood home.
(Here's hoping the current residents weren't watching.)

He looked like such a sad snowman.  
I just had to go say hello.  :)

Lunch - Mongolian Grill Style!

The PASSION and ENERGY I felt during my visit? 
I mean, it was a delicious meal and all, but passion and energy?
Should have gone back for seconds.

Um...yeah.  That would be my monkey
I mean, my brother, hanging from the pipes 
in the parking garage at the museum.  
Strong little monkey!

Do you see the rat?
Yeah, neither did we.  Even with some assistance from the museum guides.
Scary little dioramas they've got in Milwaukee...

Cleopatra was looking at me.  
I need to try that eye makeup.

My 5th graders will be THRILLED to see these Thai instruments!

Just too cool to pass up - the African exhibit.

My name is Bond.
Statue Bond.

Isn't all hope good?  

Well, there you have it.


HOW did she sneak this into my luggage!?

Hello again, Colorado mountains.

And.....we're back.  Ciao, 2011!

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