Sunday, January 1, 2012

Exploding Advent Wreaths and Other Christmas Joys

Love those Advent Candles.  So peaceful.
And non-exploding.
WHO KNEW this would be hanging in my living room!? 

I first viewed it during a service at St. Francis of Assisi,
and RTG is letting me borrow it for the next 3 months!

So much to learn!  Read more HERE!

Do you ever look at children and just KNOW they are going to be amazing adults!?  
These three ladies are going to change the world!

The Advent Fair at church is always filled with smiles. 
And glitter.  Lots of glitter.

And three-hole punches.
("What am I supposed to do with this?" he inquires.)

CHARLOTTE!  My little Christmas star!

Such a lovely sight.  Week 3 of Advent.

Such a NON-lovely sight.
APPARENTLY, burning candles inside glass is a FIRE HAZARD.
Only at my home.
Quite the awesome sound, exploding glass.  Oy.
"All I want for Christmas...."
Go ahead.  Finish the song.

He felt left out when I was taking the picture above, 
so I had to take a picture of HIS tooth, too.  :)

Peace and love.  
We saw this on the way to the hospital.  
Peace and love.

I'd like to know why someone would spend a lot of money to display this message on their license plate.  Sheesh.  Even the graffiti artist above had better things to say!

STUNNING color choices for the bathrooms at church. 
Wait...color choices?  WHAT COLOR!?
BAD:  This creepy lady is looking at me.
GOOD:  amazing hot chocolate

You melt it in a boiling pot of milk. Mmmmm.
And I quote:
"The cross is for Baby Jesus, and don't eat the ribbons!"
Thanks, Zane.

My least favorite song...HOWEVER, when changed to the "12 Days of Christmas Candy" (thanks to a creative 6th grader), I'm okay with it!

Oh. My. Goodness.  
They took off the eye all by themselves.
Funny little kids.

Honest to goodness, these kids are so full of compassion. 
"So you can breathe better, Ms. G!"  Wow.

This is the view from my classroom - these giant, paper bodies are all over the school, but the PEACE sign is the only part that shows in my room.  Sweet.

How does one end a stressful semester at school?
By gathering at the Irish Snug with friends for Beer and Carols!
(Or Diet Coke and Carols if you're the driver for the night!)
PACKED room full of singing Lutherans!

My friend Sue Ann (Pastor Ron's wife) graduated in mid-December from Regis, my Alma Mater, with her Masters in Nursing Leadership!  BOOYA!  Made it to her hooding ceremony early, so I took a few minutes to go pray in the chapel on campus.  I clearly need more quiet time in my life!

I parked my car somewhere near this golf course.  Beauty.

  The Graduate and the Grinning Glusenkamps

There is no way to peace....peace is the way.   
AJ Muste

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