Sunday, January 1, 2012

Look Who's Home!

Welcome home, Bradley John!

What you see is the giant sign in our front yard.

What you don't see is me in my pajamas helping 
my dad secure it to the lawn in the front yard.  Good times.

Yes.  That's a motorcycle in the back of that Ram.
And a really heavy pack.
And a brother I haven't seen in over 2 years.  BOOYA! sweater, white shirt and blue jeans?  
Coincidence?  I think not.
Freeeeeeeezing, but oh so happy to see the boy!
Let's go!  Great beret, bro.

Let the lame photos begin!
Much better.

Christmas with Dom!
Brad's so happy he's doing a jig! 

Love that boy!

Really now, how cute is this?

Don't look.  
That's a motorcycle backing out of the back of the Ram.
In the freezing cold.
Without working brakes.

Hello, happiness!  (and a heart attack waiting to happen).
Texas Roadhouse has some AWESOME side dishes.

Peanuts with the peanut!  Finally got to meet Sylvia!

We spent the better part of the meal shelling peanuts!

Look at those sweet little hands!

Angry bird, happy girl!

Christy, Sylvia, fuzzy bear, Mom, 20 snowmen...and a giant kangaroo.

My new socks were in Attack Mode.

Sweet daddy, are those Playforms?  Too cute.

Love those little toes.

Join the club, sista.

A dalmation and her red ribbon.  Important stuff!

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