Monday, June 10, 2013

Blessings Abound

It's Be the Blessing time!
 Our Annual day of service (well, two if you count all the amazing efforts that begin on Saturday so that Sunday can be a success).  Ruth Ann and I stopped by a number of King Soopers grocery stores on Saturday to bring cheer and support to the teams collecting food for local food pantries.  On Sunday, we zoomed from site to site, praying and praising the many, many volunteers!

Be the Blessing!

Blessings and boys and bags of food!

Joy!  Love!

 Maddie clearly enjoys using our Spirit Swatters!

 Someone remind me BEFORE I paint my car next year to only use a LITTLE bit of paint.  Oh, and that OIL-based paint does not wash off with WATER.  Duh.

Some park-time blessings.

Have we mentioned there will be a third face on this wall come Fall?  :)  
A baby blessing on the way!

Colorful blessings.

 HOPE!  Let it SHINE!  
(More happy pictures of the fun weekend HERE.)

 Sweet Potato, these are delicious!

Add a little seasoning salt and some olive oil...


Blast from the past!  Andrew stopped by our classroom near the end of the school year and gave a charming violin demonstration to my 6th graders.  From the little one, only as high as Brad's belt (see the yearbook pic from 2002), to the young man of musicianship and character, I couldn't have been prouder!  

 Bean on her way to her first day of Preschool, WAY back in August 2012.

 And leaping toward her final day of 3yr old Preschool!

 Such a big girl!  BOOYA, Emma!

 Blessings in the sky

 Ukuleles are on their way!  Next year is going to ROCK!

I love it when my kiddos treat each other to musical moments.
Her tempo is as wild as the Rag she plays!
Here's a fourth grade favorite:

Chocolate fountain?  Don't mind if I do!

SOOOO close to making it a full 10 years with this mirror
Literally dropped off the wall on the last day!  

A NEW SONG!  Spencer spent some serious time re-writing the lyrics to the Cup Song - this kid is awesome and I'll miss his sense of humor!

The little Kindergarten kiddos, singing a goodbye to their teacher.
Genuinely happy children!

Singing their hearts out:


 Full of flowers and fruit snacks and brand, new scarves!  Kids are kind!

 I like this:  "I've learned that even when I have pains, I don't have to be one."

 My kids still think I'm 21.  
I see no need to correct their view, do you!?

 LOVE this!  Miss Brooklyn saved her allowance all year to buy HER OWN ukulele, a fantastic purple beauty she's named Violet.  Watching her catch the ukulele wave has been a blast, and knowing she'll have her own to play on all summer brings me great joy!

 Amen. Hallelujah.  BOOYA! And all that jazz!

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