Sunday, June 16, 2013

Parades of Elephants Seek Jesus and the Potty

What the what!?  Jesus?  Potty?  Elephants?  
Take THAT, Google Search.  
Welcome to the world known as my life.  

You know those candy dots we ate as kids? 
Yeah.  They're bigger now.  MUCH bigger.

So, searching for Jesus and a plastic potty and Vacation Bible School will bring you to my blog.  Awesome.  Welcome freaky, searching people.

Must.  Finish.  Photo.  Project.  This.  Summer. 

Summer?!  That means we have time to FaceTime

 We're awesome.  

 Little creepy, Schubs....  Always good to know WHO is stalking you, though.  (You weren't the one searching for Jesus and potties, were you?  I mean we're all searching for Jesus and all, but....)

Yes, please.  NOW.

 Emma Bean going to Vacation Bible School in Castle Rock! 

 And Hula Dancing at home. 
Jesus loves dancing people, too.

 Apparently, we love tie dye.

 And hanging out with Brenda is exhausting.

 Seriously, folks.  

 Just let me sleep.

 "And we sing Holy, Holy, Holy..."

No, this is big folks.  
She's singing to ME!  LOVE HER!

 LUNCH is our friend.  In Pink Princess Cups, thank you very much.

Happiness in the Hammock.

 Beaners fells asleep reading her devo book.
THIS is summer.

And THIS is joy.

----  ----  ----  ----  ----  ----  ----  -----  ----  ----  -----  ----  ----  ----- 
I thought about separating these blog posts, but then decided the rest of the world should see what we've been living with, around and near this summer.  The fire season has begun, and fires have been raging in full force.  Most are 'far enough' away from us (which is a nice way to assure my mother that we're not in any immediate danger) but it's close enough to have a plan worked out in one's head if it creeps any closer.  So much destruction.  So fast.
----  ----  ----  ----  ----  ----  ----  -----  ----  ----  -----  ----  ----  ----- 

This is the Royal Gorge Bridge down in Cañon City.
This picture looks like a scene out of some horrid sci-fi flick.  
But it's real. 
(Thankfully, this fire was announced as 100% contained as I wrote this blog entry.  Thanks be to God.)

Yet another fire burned this week - the Black Forest Fire.  You can clearly see Castle Rock in this picture - which makes it über creepy.  This one had all of us watching our TV sets and caused the most annoyance and danger in the skies.  Smoke would blow up into the sky each day, some ash would fall when it got really bad, and it just seemed out of control.  Only 65% contained right now.  Keep praying.

Yes, that's real.  Yes, that's terrifying.  Those poor people.

And then there's Hans.  Poor Hans and his family.  I met Hans, a fellow Wisconsinite (and super-duper Packers fan, you betcha), back at my first school, where he was our custodian.  He still works for the school district as a building engineer, and is at Flagstone on a regular basis, fixing this and tweaking that.  He and his wife and child lost their entire home.   It's all a story on the news...until you know someone inside of it.


 There is something so terrible and poignant
 about a burned front door.

They are safe and staying with friends, but extra prayers that they can remain positive as I'm sure their patience will be tried over the next few months.

----  ----  ----  ----  ----  ----  ----  -----  ----  ----  -----  ----  ----  ----- 

 I'm not supposed to cry over this, right?  WRONG.  Squishy feet are icky.

 Hey, it's almost Vacation Bible School time!  
And I'm not LION!

 And it's cooking time!!  We're rocking the recipes!

 That's right.  Women's protein.  Back off men.  

 Let's BLEND!


And Chunky Chicken Salad.  LOVING THIS!

What do you call a computer system that has no brain?!
(And just for your's a PARADE of Elephants)

 Ok, seriously, this is cracking me up.  I understand Jesus. bandaids!?  Our Lutheran hymnbook?!  And pictures of bad carpet in living room!?  I don't even have a post about that!?  WHAT brought these people to my blog!?  

One random picture from the last days of school.  
One-eyed notes.  My kids SO get me.  

RAIN, RAIN. the fires!  GO!  KEEP RAINING!
Protect those fire fighters!!

Peace.  Be still.  
6 months + RWL +
So grateful to have been able to chat with my papa today.  


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