Friday, June 21, 2013

The Fingerless Grape Man and his Missing Eyebrow

How can we live in a state that is THIS beautiful...

...and this AWFUL at the same time?!  Fire season STINKS!
Brad took this pic from his home.  YIKES.

But, then he drove up to the TOP of Pike's Peak,
and all was well in the world again.

What?  THREE boxes of joy!?
What could POSSIBLY be in these boxes!?!?

UKULELES, of course!!!!!

LOOK at those shiny, wonderful things!


They are SO SHINY!

AND they hold their tune!

WOOOHOOO!!  I need my kids!
THANK YOU, PTO, for making our Fall a strumming season of JOY!

I certainly hope that my own children have half
as much sparkle as this little one someday!


Breakfast on the run is SO much easier these day!  
Thank you, Mr. Blender!

"I need a miracle."  
Don't we all.  Still thinking about this guy.

"Siri, could you look up my dentist's number?"
Checking on my check-up.  

PEACE.  Reading through the spiritual works of C. S. Lewis this summer.

I'm not worried about the delicious, organic grapes.
I am a tad bit concerned about the 
fingerless Grape Man who's missing an eyebrow.
Go ahead.  Zoom in.  See?  Gone.

Still smoky.

Still beautiful.

Still colorful.

Ok, is this not terrifying!?  9News posted this pic today.  
The lastest fire brewing to the south.
Lord of mercy, hear our prayer.

Hmm.  It might be time to give up on my Easter Lily.

Something told me the wedding I worked
 this afternoon was going to be unique...

It had feathers!

And floating flowers! 
 (they were on a trellis that seems to have visually disappeared!)

An outdoor wedding (in 96 degrees) with gorgeous scenery.

Funeral in the early afternoon.  Wedding in the evening.
And now this in the basement...

...and a rehearsal for Dvorak in the Sanctuary!  We're a busy place!

Flowers in the shadows...

...and bunnies in the grass.

It's Vacation Bible School time!  NEXT WEEK!

The murals have been painted, 

...and hung on the wall.

The music room poster.  BOOYA.

Mane event indeed!


Kingdom of the Son:  Prayer Safari, here we come!

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Kat said...

What a lovely, joyful post! I love the ukes! :)

Praying for all those affected by the fires and that they STOP raging.