Sunday, June 23, 2013

Holy Eggs and A Labyrinth for Weapons

There are certain Rotten eCards that capture my moods.
Some of them are SPOT ON.
Here are a few that bring me great delight:

Can't you just see me grinning and 
thinking this, multiple times a day!?
And I have friends that would agree.  
You know who you are.   

I'm thinking of so, SO many people here...

Weren't those lovely?  
I wish I could just flash them at people who frustrate me.
And smile that knowing smile.  :)

My Dad's figured out how to ride off all of his stress.

Riding the Tail of the Dragon at Deal's Gap, NC.
Click on the name - it's insane!

 Bean at Target - loving this summer thing.

I knew I had seen that image in my head before!   

 So, I don't know about the rest of you, 
but shopping at Costco is EXHAUSTING.

 The clouds outside are beautiful, though.

 But seriously, people.  EXHAUSTING!

 And still beautiful.

The Mission Trippers are off to Chicago for the week! Key verse for this trip:  John 3:8 "The wind blows where it wants to.  You hear the sound it makes, but you can't tell where it comes from or where it is going.  It is the same with everyone who is born through the Spirit."

Met up with Brad in Colorado Springs.  This view usually includes a gorgeous view of Pike's Peak and the edge of the Front Range.  This weekend?  Pure smoke and haze.  UGH.

Domino's has WAY too much time on their hands.
They've crafted a pizzamaker tracker system.
How about it they could just deliver it as fast as Jimmy John's?!

What Brenda Sees in this Paper:  Ooooh, a (simple) labyrinth!
What Brad Sees in this Paper:  A Standard Range Card for weapon use.
 We live in SUCH different worlds!

This would be the glass case that now houses Brad's extensive (and oh so de-price-tagged and cleaned, thank you, big sister) shot glass collection.  No, there wasn't any alcohol involved in the unpacking of these glasses.  Yes, there were a million stories behind those glasses, all fun to hear.

Stunning sunsets, but at such a price.

And a super, SUPER moon!
 Woke up to this on Sunday.  Lovely!

 The Mission Trippers are inching closer and closer to Chicago.

 Trains are a hoot!

 Morning worship brought me to a new cross...

 ...with beauty in the outdoor garden.

 And then home to COOK!

 This looks worse than it really it.  
Whipped Cream and Cottage Cheese and Jello Mix.

Ok, perhaps it's just as bad as it really is.  

Oh, my gosh - you know those awesome people who take the time to MAKE Broccoli Salad when you're asked to bring it to a potluck event?  You know,  the folks who spend time actually chopping up the broccoli, crisping the bacon and onions, mixing the dressing, adding the white raisins?  

I admire those people, as I'm usually the one remembering I was supposed to bring something 10 minutes before the event and then running over to Safeway or King Soopers and buying something quickly.  


They're almost there!  
Zoom, little Zephyr Train, ZOOM

Good grief, what a welcome sight!
Put out some of these fires!

 My egg has a perfect hole.  
That makes it a Holy Egg, right?

 Num, num, num.  
Brace yourself...I tried CHILI!

NOTE:  When the first ingredient says 1 pound of browned meat, it's important to read that word BROWNED.  If you try to begin the recipe WITHOUT browning the meat first, it is a colossal disaster.  You'll find yourself stirring the most disgusting combination of GLOOP to be found.  

Thought it was only fair to include my MAJOR bombs in cooking, too.   

Let's return to the positive, shall we?
Such a colorful meal, wouldn't you say!?  
And with the quantities I made, we'll be eating for months!

...and introducing...
THE coolest DRYING rack ON the PLANET!

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