Friday, June 21, 2013

Stick a Fork In It

I always laugh when a seemingly random post seems to naturally tie itself together.  

POKE it.

I think you'll see my point.

(Ha!..get it....point...stick it...ha...moving on.)

Shove a straw through strawberries and you have 
the cleanest, little see-through strawberries!  

If you happen to be missing a straw,
your thumb will serve as a lovely substitute.

(as long as one remembers NOT to chomp their finger)

Brenda  making lunch!?  What is going on!?

Little Bean, singing her heart out.

Little Bean, her heart breaking.
She was interrupted during her big solo.
Sorry, Maddie.  Next time, we'll stick up for your song time.

Honestly, I can't handle that sad, little face.  :(

WHOA.  An eye in the sky.

That is disgusting.  ABSOLUTELY disgusting.

We have a sale on small children in aisle 5.

Siri, there is a great enmity between you and I.

CHOP CHOP! So, apparently, you give a penny when you gift someone with knives so they can turn around and give you the penny.  This way, you technically pay for the knives AND you don't sever your friendship.  

Nicole, however, insisted I keep the knives AND the penny.  
So are we friends anymore?!  

Hmm...she does know my affinity for Emergency Rooms, and she did hand me two REALLY sharp objects...Hmmm...!

Brenda in the Kitchen:  Episode 3 (4? 5?)
Cream of Chicken soup is a big blob-u-lar before it's cooked.


Floating grains.

Sprinkled Onion Soup.


Whoa, again.

I should probably tune in to a radio station, shouldn't I?

The hail hit 10 minutes later.

Dude, you may not want to camp along the
side of the road in the middle of nowhere.
What the what?!  Bet HE loved the hail storm!

YEAH!  More things to shove in my meat.  
Take THAT temperature, buddy!

Man, could we PLEASE stop having such a fire-full state?!  
This one is a WEE bit closer than the others.  
Nothing like the fresh smell of ....  SMOKE ... in the air.  
Those poor firefighters have got to be EXHAUSTED!  
Prayers this all ends SOON!  Fires, YOU can shove it!

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