Friday, August 7, 2009

Baby Boy and Council Joy

My heart is happy and heavy right now. Just returned from a wonderful visit with my friend Nicola, and her new baby boy, John. I can't help but smile at the fact that of ALL the books of the Bible, we happen to be studying John this week. :o) I adore new babies - they bring such a reminder of hope to all of us. A moment of pause. A moment to remember we're not in charge, and that wonderful things can happen.

The hardest part about hospital visits for me, though, is that long, lonely ride down the elevator once I've left the mother's room. It's not walking past the nursery - the babes are adorable. It's not seeing all the happy family members in the hallways - that's all good. It's that descent in the elevator. Always seems to drudge up the deepest sadness in me, a broken heart, knowing no one will ever be riding an elevator to come visit me and my newborn someday. (Long story short: blog entry "2 mg of perspective" from back in May of this year.) Sigh.

Goodness, sometimes you don't know where a blog entry will take you! Yikes! I need to remember that baby John is joining his adventurous big sister, Abbey, and caring old brother, Trevor, and that this sweet little boy is already well-loved by many! Watching his mother hold him close was a sight I've been waiting to see!

Oh! I forgot to mention one thing about the Cherry Creek Chorale accompanist opportunity: I was asked to join the Council at my church! The vice-president of the council called me at home, and asked me to consider serving on this leadership board. It meets on Tuesday evenings (same night as Chorale), so I asked them to kindly wait until I found out about the CCC.

This would be a wonderful chance to serve Bethany's community and be a part of the faith formation at my church home. So I have to say, I've been keeping that in my mind, knowing that even if CCC doesn't work out, I will happily JOYFULLY throw myself into Church Council. Talk about win-win!

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