Saturday, August 29, 2009

14 States and a License Plate

Brad and Dad recently completed a fourteen, yes 14, state motorcycle adventure during mid-August. Why? Because it would be fun! And because Brad got to color in this little state map patch he has on his motorcycle jacket each time he rides in a new state. He had colored in Alabama by mistake, so he just HAD to go make that right...and they threw in 13 other states just for fun. :)

The last 3 days of their trip were in Colorado - I would teach during the day, and meet up with them in the evenings. They hit the Air Force Academy, my classroom, Mt. Evans, Bethany Lutheran Church, Wings Over the Rockies Museum, and even snuck up into Wyoming for brunch - so they could color in the state, of course!

Brad and Dad before their FOURTEEN state motorcycle tour.

The new Dallas Cowboy Football Stadium. HUGE!

Doesn't he look like a happy 10 year old!?

Brad in the Cowboy's bathroom. He is so my brother.

You know that giant TV they keep talking about? The one the punter HIT during the first pre-season game? This would be it. MASSIVE.

Dealey Plaza - the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas, TX,
the scene of the Kennedy assassination.

The grassy knoll.

I'm not sure I'd want to have my exact spot of death marked with a giant "X". I certainly have thought a lot about the Kennedy Family this month, though!

From Presidential to the ridiculous - the Dallas TV set!
I'm not sure how Brad survived this...

Dad: We need you to check the radar for us.
Brenda: Oh boy....head west.
Dad: That's what your mother said. Be more specific.
Brenda: Head west NOW!

Creeeeeepy sky in Texas. Original photo.

Brad outside Flagstone Elementary in Castle Rock!

Scuff mark on saddle bag when angry SUV driver decided that side-swiping Dad would be better than waiting his turn and merging lanes like other civilized drivers. All three of us caught the license plate of said angry man, and the Castle Rock Police is working on it.

A clear day atop Mount Evans - 14, 240 feet!

August 2009. What goons.

A tour of my church - Bethany's beautiful windows!

Check out these murals - talk about hands-on learning!

Ignore the obligatory "pose by the piano, Brenda" photo (and also please ignore the goon who thought he could avoid the photo by hiding behind the leg of the piano) and check out the awesome rehearsal room at Bethany! The Chancel Choir (among others) practices in this acoustically amazing room!

What church has an ART ROOM!? Too cool.

Super colorful Nursery. Clearly, Brad still belongs here...

California Pizza Kitchen with the boys. (Missed you, Mom!)
of the model airplanes. I found it simply amusing.

Again, just humorous. I barely have room to ROTATE in an airplane bathroom, much less take the time to look in the dimly lit mirror! HA!

What a happy, smiling plane. :)

You should fly...THIS way. Go.

Don't mess with me.

We took this pic in December 2008 when
Brad came out to Colorado for my Regis Commencement.

August 2009 - Check out the progress!
(Although, I liked the multiple colors idea...)

Well, that's comforting!

I wasn't allowed to touch this button...

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