Sunday, August 16, 2009

Brand New Joys for Girls and Boys

Want to know the one good thing about ending my vacation and returning to work? I always miss the kids! I really do! Those little people just make my day, and I always miss them after 3 weeks.

I set-up my classroom this afternoon, only to find four, HUGE, unopened boxes of musical joy! The new instruments came in! Now, I'm REALLY excited to see the kids - they will be so HAPPY!

Our 3 new Fiberglass xylophones! Each kiddo will now be able to sit in front of a xylophone during class - this is GREAT! Only took 6 years to build up the collection!

Box'o'new stuff!

Guiros - the kids love scraping these!

Some BIG tamborines - with grippers!

Crow Sounders (super-cool hollow scrapers)

I think it was time for some new Sandblocks!


Who knew this picture of our new cymbals would be so cool? The kids LOVE these finger-cymbals - they will be SO happy!

Kazoos! Kazoos! Kazoos!

New xylophones - oh happy day!

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