Saturday, August 1, 2009

Big Rocks and Sidewalks

Ever just have to do the right thing because, well, it's the right thing to do? Even if it means finding a matching shoe? Even if it means going down three flights of stairs for the 50th time on a Saturday? Even if it means giving up your perfectly wonderful parking spot in an already too-full lot? Yes, yes, yes, and yes.

Let me preface this story by saying I'm a little sensitive to the rights of the older folks right now, as last week, some moron (and I mean that with all Christian intent) threw a large rock through my 80 year old Grandma Dot's picture window. We're not talking pebbles, here, people. We're talking shatter the entire pane, came from nowhere, give the poor woman heart failure kind of chuck-a-rock.

This is the size of the rock that shattered Dot's window. Ok...perhaps it wasn't THAT big - imagine the sound and damage THIS rock would make! Oy! This is actually a rock I see everyday on my daily walks. I'm just waiting for it to roll down the hill into the home it sits next to...but I digress.

Seeing that it was dark outside and being frightened half out of her wits, Dot didn't exactly catch the numbskulls that thought this would be amusing. 45 minutes and 2 policemen later, Dot sat rocking in her recliner, unable to rest or go to sleep for the night. THAT is just wrong. She's got enough to worry about, and certainly doesn't need to wonder when the next mortar shell will hit. :(

SO...that brings me to tonight. I'm working in my den, and happened to look up to the sidewalk below. I look up long enough to see an elderly lady out for a walk - except she wasn't walking anymore. She was bent over, as if to catch her breath. I know that look - it's the same look I get whenever I pretend I'm a runner. Pain.

I watch for a minute or two, watch her catch her breath, and continue walking down the street. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Wrong. What if she keeled over and I just sat here doing nothing? What if she was actually disoriented and wandered into busy Plum Creek Parkway traffic? Ugh.

Found matching shoes. Went down the 3 flights of stairs. Gave up the parking spot. Drove down the Parkway, trying not to appear stalkerish, only to find she had disappeared! I could not find a single trace of this woman. Nowhere to be found. This woman made good time! I did check the side-streets and sidewalks. No collapsed lady. I am going to presume she lived somewhere nearby (there are lots of homes) and that she's quietly watching TV. Now, as long as nobody throws a rock through her picture glass window, all will be well.

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